KB's Frozen Custard

Poquoson, Virginia


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I just found out that KB's is RE-OPENING in Poquoson, VA!! I don't know the address yet, but will post it when I find out. Also not sure exactly when it is opening, but I've heard it is soon! I can't wait--their soy frozen custard is out of this world!!

KB's has re-opened in Poquoson, VA! It is located at: 550 Wythe Creek Rd and is open Tuesday - Saturday from noon to 9 at night!

Their frozen custard is wonderful!

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this place was absolutely wonderful, but they are closed now. Very sad!

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Love this place! Their vegan ice cream is great, especially the french silk!! I just wish the prices were a little lower, but it's fine for a treat now and then.

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like he said, they have vanilla + one other flavor each day. soy stuff is $3 for a big single scoop, but they have pints for sale at $4.xx and quarts for $6, which isn't more than the junk you'd get at the store.

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Truly excellent soy ice cream. They have multiple flavors now, but only one per day. They also sell different flavors by the pint. The soy stuff's a little pricy, but it's worth it.

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