Richmond, Virginia


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many of what is veggie can easily be veganized, although there's already so much that's vegan already on the menu! all their side are vegan-friendly too - and they always have a tasty vegan special. the last time i brought my family in we had a not-so-happy experience: my spouse's coffee was too thick & strong to drink, they missed a latte order completely but charged us for it and argued with us about it, my tofu peanut thai rice bowl was swimming in oil so i returned it & didn't bother getting another, the avocado on my sister's bean burger was brown and black with bruised pieces, and the salad my brother had (and paid $8 for) was really skimpy. i think they were having kind of a busy and "off" day because usually it's a lot better as far as eats and service goes. we were all really disappointed.

2 things crossroads needs:
- vegan ice cream
- more vegan & and gluten-free vegan desserts

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