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I set up an appointment for a consultation with Chad. I had been planning a tattoo for nearly the past year to commemorate my 5 years as a vegetarian/vegan, and I was really excited. After meeting Chad, who initially seemed very cool and chill, I told him that I was vegan and that was the reason for the tattoo. That is all I said, and he went into this long rant that began with, "Honey, you are the total opposite of me!" He proceeded to talk about how he ate a steak sandwich during the movie "Food, Inc." and how he grew up on a farm and killing animals was normal to him. This rant went on for a long time before he finally asked what I wanted. I told him I wanted a small farm animal, a piglet, with text underneath. After asking me how to spell "Earthlings" 3 or 4 times, he wrote the phrase out under a drawing of a pig, and I said that's what I wanted. However, then he said, "If you are going to do this, you should go all out." I let him know that's really all I wanted, something small, and it has to be easily concealed due to the nature of my work. Every time I said anything, he looked at me as though I had asked for an obscenity to be tattooed across my face or something. He said he had an idea and grabbed a pad of paper, which made me feel better because I thought maybe he was going to be helpful. He then scribbled something I couldn't decipher, and said I should get a pig with broccoli around it, with a banner underneath, in addition to the text. I said I didn't really want broccoli tattooed on me to which he smirked, "You won't get broccoli tattooed on you...but you'll get a pig?!" Finally, I had had enough and walked out, telling him I did not like his condescending attitude and that I would be going elsewhere. He did say, "Wait," but honestly, I was done.

I should note that I have never walked out of any business before. My friends and family were shocked when I told them because it takes A LOT to bother me. Chad's attitude and rudeness completely turned me off of this place though. All I wanted was a tattoo, not to have someone judge me.

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The artists at Fluid are awesome! I got a Monroe piercing with Skot a month ago and am so happy with it. He explained everything and I barely had any swelling or redness.

My friend has had Benny do three of her tattoos and they are beautiful. So, I went in for a consult with Benny and he is the coolest, most down to earth artist I have ever met- pretty much up for anything. I was pretty nervous since this is my first tattoo but he was really professional and laid back. It turned out beautifully across my back and healed very quickly with good aftercare.

Just let him know you are vegan- he's got the inks (or can get them if he is out) and there is a huge variety of color!

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