Preet's Chaat Corner

Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona


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This small Indian cafe has inexpensive, all-vegetarian food, but it lacks some of the staples of other local restaurants. Situated in an Indian market in a strip mall, the small setting with its mere four tables is reminiscent of Haji Baba at first. When taking your order, however, it becomes more homey, with the cook personally getting your choices and making recommendations. Since it is such a familial establishment, service can be slow, but the food is good nonetheless. Compared to Woodlands or Udupi, you won't find as wide a selection, and you won't get the range of chutneys that you might come to expect. The food is nevertheless tasty, and given the choice of Preet's or Delhi Palace, which both reside in the same strip mall, I would choose Preet's. There are fewer dishes, yes, but they are different from the standard Indian fare of Dehli Palace and more personal than the buffet at Udupi. One thing that irked me, however, was that the water was served from a water cooler, and it wasn't even cold. Communication with the staff was a little difficult, but I'll chalk that up to authenticity. All in all, good food at a good price, but if you have time to spare, make your way down to Woodlands instead for a wider selection and more vibrant flavors.

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This is a cute little cafe with home-style Indian cooking. Yummy Chole Bature and Roti. Very reasonably priced due to the ASU proximity. They also have Cricket Matches playing so it makes a fun atmosphere. Highly recommended.

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Fresh and delicious food served in a very friendly environment. The Platter (Thali) is an ideal choice be it Lunch or Dinner. The Chaats are the best in the valley. The Cholay-Bhaturay is the most authentic dish to be had.

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