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I have to say this place is a gem. From the art work on the walls to the tables, booths and chairs. The colors are vibrant adding a unique element to your experience and the food is fantastic! I love that Green offers a Gluten free menu also as normally mock meats are wheat gluten based. I will definitely be back!
- Woe

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This is a great place for vegan comfort food. For years, I was afraid to try anything but the No Harm Chicken Parm (which is great and reported to be super yummy from two carnivore friends recently), but I finally ventured out. I love the buffalo wings, Big Wac, and so so much more. The bowls are good, but why try a rice/noodle bowl that you can get anywhere when you can try something unique!

This is a great place for vegetarians to venture out and see what kind of variety vegans actually experience.

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I've only been to Green a few times but I always enjoy walking in and being surrounded by like-minded people, good art on the walls and the smells of an entirely vegan kitchen. One dining companion was unhappy with the noise on a Saturday night but I didn't even notice - I enjoyed the bustle around me.

My favorite entree has been the no-harm Chicken Parm though I have to admit I haven't tried many of the others. One thing I would not order again, however, is the Tsoynami. I ordered the Flutternutterin with bananas, peanut butter and ricemallow creme. Unfortunately, the result seemed to be heavy on watery softserve and light on toppings. I noticed bananas and a few peanut butter clumps but the ricemallow creme was indiscernable. I felt similarly disappointed with the texture of the softserve and amount of mix-ins in my companions' rocky road and empanada colada (name?). For $5 I'd rather invest in a good pint or quart of coconut or hemp milk ice cream and add my own toppings!

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This is my little piece of paradise here in AZ. LOOOOVE this restaurant. I'm addicted to the No-Harm Chicken Parm (how DO they make it so meaty?) and the Spicy Po'Boy and the Buffalo Wings (amazing sauce). The French fries are a treat since I rarely eat fried foods. Once they came out soggy (it happens!) and I did complain but I got a fresh crunchy batch right away with a big smile & an apology. The staff is UBER friendly and they remember you too. Save room for the phenomenal Tsoynami's. Newman's mint chocolate cookie is my favorite but skip the "chocolate chips" as they are little hard bits of nothing. Ask for extra chocolate syrup instead. Also, skip the pizzas. They are rather forgettable. Otherwise, you really can't go wrong with anything on the menu.

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I liked the food a lot. Soft serve = swoon!

My only issue is that some of the staff were not very friendly, but there was one girl employee who was awesome so it almost evened out. The ambiance is nice, very unique.

The chik'n parm sandwich was delightful and I enjoyed the fries too (they didn't have thyme on them though, maybe you have to ask for that?). Basically, food is a A+, service is a C+, and prices are a B-. I'll be back next time I'm in town but won't eat alone again.

Updated 10/8/10: My last few experiences at Green have caused me to bump them up to "excellent". Now both the service and the food are amazing. Still pricey but hey thats kind of the norm with vegan food I guess. You need to try this place!

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I LOVE Green! I feel very privileged to live so close to such an amazing restaurant! The atmosphere is great and the staff is super friendly. The sandwiches are definitely the highlight in my opinion. The BBQ Chicken sammich and thee Argentine are my two favs. The bowls are pretty good, too. They also do pizza, salad and appetizers like hot "wings", samosas, hummus etc. AND they have a great little vegan market, too! The only place in the valley I know of where you can find Teese vegan cheeze.

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What a great place in a great area with an outstanding vibe.

Ate their twice while on vacation.

You do order at the counter and clean your own table (if you have manners) but that is a small price to pay for the fantastic vegan food this place serves.

The crowd is a mix of students and families and as a vegan, I just felt very comfortable there.

I will go back as often as possible any time I am in the Phoenix area. Every major city needs a place like this.

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its alright, but pretty pricey for not actually ebing a restaurant (i do like the counter ordering though, just wish some of the prices were lower). Also, the Soynamis need MORE toppings in them, im paying % bucks and they are stingy with the flavors :(

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I've been Vegan for over 10 years. I've eaten in many restaurants, Vegan and otherwise. And (in response the review below) I have ALWAYS been very IMPRESSED with Green!

1.Granted, there is no wait staff, and you do have to wait in line to order, but that wait (which is closer to 0-5 minutes except when they're super busy) is typically short. And when the line is long, they have a staff member approach diners and take their order while people are standing in line. So when you get to the counter you pay. Saying the wait is 20 minutes is an ultra-perverse exaggeration.

2.You do not have to bus your table, though it would be thoughtful and kind of you; as this is not a 4-star restaurant when it comes to decor or service. And Green never makes that claim. The low prices reflect that.

3.The kitchen staff does not wear gloves. I don't know if that is a health code violation or not. But I can tell you that I don't wear gloves to prepare food at my house...

4.Green is CLEAN! To say anything else makes me suspect someone either has an axe to grind; or is a competitor that doesn't get nearly the business that Green brings in because they are able to give customers what they want: GREAT vegan food at low prices!


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I've been Vegan for over 10 years. I've eaten in many restaurants, Vegan and otherwise.

Never before have I been so disgusted.

Giving Green the title of "Restaurant" is giving it too much class. IMO, "Diner" would even be a struggle.

1. Waited in line 20 minutes to place order.

2. No wait staff.

3. Bus your own table.

4. Wade through tables of dining patrons to place order. Good thing for them I wasn't in the mood to cough or sneeze.

5. Decor leaves much to be desired. Is this a "restaurant" or the remains of a flooded frat-house basement? Unable to find a chair that wasn't ripped in the seat. Not sitting on a stained yard sale couch on a splintery plywood riser.

6. Ordered food and noticed kitchen staff did not wear gloves. Talked on cordless phone while preparing food, then did not wash hands.

How clean is that phone?

7. Place is DIRTY!

8. Appearance of food was disappointing. The Vegan pizza I make at home from scratch looks better. Why would I pay for a pita smeared with sauce, with 3 leathery, waxy slices of sweating cheese, when the Vegan cheese I use at home actually melts?

9. Buffalo Wings or Wads? Unidentifiable "wads" of fibrous matter. Sauce reeked of vinegar and nothing else.

10. Took 2 requests and got a huff in response when staff was asked to wipe the remnants of the last diner's meal off of our rocking table.

After reading the RAVE reviews online, I was sorry I made the 84 minute drive to reach Green. I'm even more sorry I brought people with me. Now they have the connotation that being Vegan means this is acceptable for an eating establishment.

Green's website touts itself like it is comparable with "real" restaurants like Millennium. Not even close. Millennium makes Green look like a third world hot dog cart.

I stared at my baskets and plate of food for about 20 minutes while my guests ate. The A/C kicked on and fine particles of something rained down on our table. Mold? Dust? Skin flakes from everyone waiting to order? Who knows.

As for the flavors of the food, consistency, texture, etc., I don't know.

My food went untouched, into the trash.

No gloves, particles raining down.............

No thanks! I'm not eating here!

I can spend less and come away with more than a bottle of Pellegrino at home.

Green needs to focus on being a great restaurant that just happens to be Vegan, not be so caught up in being Vegan that the restaurant is what it is........a dump.

If you like your restaurants "crunchy", this is the place for you.

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The food is the best vegan/veggie food outside of Udupi. The prices are reasonable and the food is always delicious. My favorites are the Argentine PoBoy and the Thai Peanut Rice Bowl with mock chicken. The thyme fries are slightly odd - you'd expect that they'd come tasting like thyme but in all of my orders, it's never happened. The salads have GREAT dressing choices but come with lettuce and slivers of carrot and cabbage. They would be so great if they would amp up the veggies. I also really like that they now carry stevia sweetened soft drinks.

The only dish I have tried that I don't like the Curry Bowl. You can definitely get better curry anywhere else you go. Don't waste your $ on this one.

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I was introduced to Green through coworkers--mostly vegans. We all found dishes we loved! I took my two daughters back and fed them all soy-based dishes that they enjoyed, especially the ice cream treats. Green is now on our favorite places to go list!

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green is my absolute favorite restaurant at home. yes, it's not health freak veg food, but vegans are healthy enough so who cares! the argentine po-boy (faux seitan steak strips with carmelized onions and peppers in a bbq sauce with vegan mayo) just might be the best sandwich in the world. and i LOVE that you can get it on an ezekiel bun for just a little extra! the stir-fry dishes are delicious as well, but i think the thai peanut is definitely the best, especially with the mock chicken. for dessert, you have to get a tsoynami. they're incredible. my first ever was the peanut butter/chocolate, which might seem boring with all the options available, but it's so classic, you can't go wrong. it's great how every tsyonami costs the same, no matter how many mix-ins you want. you can create your own, or go for one of their pre-planned ones. the service is super-friendly, and the atmosphere is the perfect balance of casual restaurant and cafe-feel. I love to bring friends here, but it's also the kind of place you can go by yourself and not feel awkward. greeeeeeen we love you!

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This used to be my favorite place to eat. Then they decided to raise the prices to an absolutely ridiculous number. Eight dollars for a salad which mainly contains lettuce with a few carrot shreds and a drizzle of dressing. The quality has gone downhill. My favorite used to be the vegan crab puffs. Now, everytime I order them they are either overdone or cold in the middle. We went from visiting Green twice a week to maybe once a month if that. The friendly staff is what keeps us coming back. At least they still have that!

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Good Food and inexpensive

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Great food! It would be nice to have a beer or glass of wine with our meal, though.

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Unbelievably good food! Food like this makes it very, very easy to be vegan. I really wish they'd put out a cookbook. Do not miss this special treat. Try the crab puffs, yummy.

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Everything I've tried I've loved. My favorite is the buffalo wings. Their edamame is cooked perfectly, and I love the creamy artichoke gratine appetizer. My pastor (an omnivore) loves the buffalo chicken sandwich.

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Green has quickly become the vegetarian's choice in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Offering not only eclectic, consistently delicious food at a reasonable price, Green also offers dinner and dessert specials to augment their menu. I have to ask myself sometimes if I leave satisfied every time because the food is so good, or if it is because I end up ordering multiple dishes to peruse. Either way, this restaurant comes highly recommended. My only complaint: Green is closed on Sundays. I'm a vegetarian every day of the week!

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I had the cocoa puff tsoynami, too! And it was absolutely breathtaking.

The review before mine sums my experience up really well. I flew into PHX for a day, to go see a concert. Since I had a lot of time to kill before the show, I decided to go check out Green. It seemed to have some favorable reviews on VegGuide and had some different entrees that you can't get on the menus of places up here in Minnesota, where I live. When I arrived, I walked in, sat down ... and it was like something out of a small-town diner; everyone kept looking at me like I was on crack. I felt terribly out of place! After a few minutes a very nice girl that worked there came over and asked if I was planning on eating, and informed me that I had to order at the till. Once I got past that awkward moment of not knowing exactly what I was supposed to do, though, things were great. I ordered a pasta dish that came with assorted veggies, vegan meatballs, and vegan ricotta cheese. That, coupled with the impulsive tsoynami afterwards, made for an awesome lunch. The only thing I found weird was the "coffee shop" atmosphere of the place; I couldn't help feeling like an outsider, with everyone glancing over at me repeatedly like I had just wandered off the street mistaking the place for a steak joint. Perhaps it wouldn't have felt odd if I wasn't dining by myself - but I left feeling a bit intimidated. Nonetheless, the food was really quite good, and the tsoynami was totally worth it.

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This is one of those restaurants that is slightly intimidating to newcomers, because you can't figure out where the menus are, or where napkins are, or how you get water ...

Turns out the menu was a tiny little green pamphlet up front by the cash register. So unless you know where it is or already know what you want, you can't figure out what you want while you're waiting in line.

I ended up getting a "tsoynami" and veggie burger, and my companion got a "chicken" parm. Both were served with a side of thyme fries. The tsoynami was supposed to be like a Dairy Queen blizzard, and it was one of those things that is labeled as vegan but you definitely have your doubts when you get it! Mine had Cocoa Puffs in it, or some kind of vegan equivalent. To me the veganicity was dubious, but I decided to take them at their word and eat it. If you miss Dairy Queen, this is definitely a wonderful analog.

My veggie burger was OK. It was VERY splooshy and did not hold its shape; by the time I was halfway through it was a very thin paste between two pieces of bread, with chunks falling out from between the buns. The taste was decent; oddly spicy though.

My companion and I both thought the chicken parm looked incredibly unappetizing; however, he said it tasted really good. We both enjoyed the thyme fries.

If this weren't an all-vegan restaurant I'd probably give it a lower rating. The produce wasn't fresh and the preparation was on the sloppy side. The food was good but didn't blow me away, and it definitely was not health food! I know things can be prepared a little healthier and still taste great. However, not using fresh produce or making their own bread surely keeps the costs down, and I did appreciate how inexpensive the food was.

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Green is by far my favorite place to eat, journal, and spend time with my boyfriend. The food is spectacular and has the best mock meat entrees. I enjoy going there and my wallet doesn't mind much either. Green's environment is a very relaxed and welcoming aura. Not to mention the employees treated us as we have known them for years. We have a weekly ritual to go to green every Tuesday and have an order of chicken wings, thyme fries, and one other entree until we have eaten every single dish they offer. So far we have not been disappointed. There are few things that could have been better but for the most part they are relatively tasty and a few were simply orgasmic for my tastebuds. I recommend Green for everyone. Even those die-hard meatheads will be able to enjoy their meal and possibly not even realize what they are chewing on did not have a face. The taste and texture are so realistic that we almost felt guilty eating it. All in all this is our favorite place to eat and hang out. PRO VEG!!!

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I love this place! I always order the spicy (fake) chicken salad and the argentine phoy boy is simply divine. I love it! :)

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The Green's has a huge menu of all vegan food. You could eat there many times and not get tired of the food.

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No question. If you are Vegan, this place is awesome. When Omnivore friends want to eat out, this is THE place I take them to. I'm happy; they are happy. Super Staff, great comfort food. Lots of combinations possible with the bowls, so Green does not get boring.
Tell me: who can mess with Vegan "Cheezecake"???

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I used to love going to Green- The food was great and the staff was friendly and helpful, but the last couple of times I went there, I've gotten food poisoning (because of improperly washed vegetables, my doctor suggested) and now I am afraid to go back. I do miss it though.... Only place I could find where everything is vegan and delicious. Try a coconut curry bowl! My only complaint, as a student on a budget, was that every time I would go in and order the same thing, I was usually charged differently depending on who was working. It would vary by up to $2.50.

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I'm not vegan at all... or vegetarian at that. My boyfriend is vegan, however, and when I don't cook for us... we get excited to go to Green! The place is exquisite and inventive with their food alternatives. They have such a fun atmosphere and they seem to have something new each time. Definitely try the po-boys, pizzas, and chili fries, and don't leave without a soy-nami!

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The crab puffs were really good, and the flatbread pizza is awesome. The pizza could've used more time in the oven, though.

My friend had a veggie burger and it was pasty and soggy, looked like uncooked meat, and tasted bland. I think they were going for a grain-based taste, but it wound up, in my friend's opinion, trying to taste too much like hamburger. The plus side was that the burger had a side of thyme fries that were excellent.

The dessert we tried (peanut butter bars) tasted like a low-end energy bar. There was a 'cheezecake' on the menu as well as a variety of soy smoothies, but after the pb bar we weren't up for anything else.

All in all this seems like a pretty good place to go as long as you're not looking for a veggie/grain burger that isn't trying to be meat.

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This NEW place is absolutely delightful! I love the "Chicken Wings," they were so close to the real thing, I almost felt guilty eating them! I haven't tried everything there yet, but I sure plan on it. I was truly impressed by their new menu and am so happy they took over, however I do miss Veggie Fun's Lettuce Wraps!

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Green is now 100% vegan, as is declared on the menu, and I had the pleasure of visiting it yesterday. Since it was my first time, I decided to go the all-junk food route: I shared crab puffs with a friend, had the "no harm chicken parm" sandwich with thyme fries, and shared an Oreo "tsoynami" with my friend. Everything was nicely presented in a manner befitting a fast food-type restaurant. Most importantly, though, the food was yummy. The crab puffs went very quickly, I made a bit of a mess of the chicken Parmesan but it was good... and then came the ice cream. When the huge cup of the stuff arrived, I wondered out loud how we were going to eat it all -- 'course, it was gone in less than five minutes. The ice cream is good: eat it.

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Veggie Fun has always been one of my favorite Phoenix-area restaurants. When I heard that it was under new management I was nervous. However, when I visited, I found that the restaurant had improved in every way. The decor has been redone, it now looks like the interior of a trendy coffee-shop. The food was better, my "Diablo Red" Vegan Chicken was excellent and the one bite that my wife let me have of her "Drunken Mushroom" chicken was phenomenal. The presentation has moved up a notch (our brown rice came adorned with two dried cranberries). Finally, the new owners are very clear about what's vegan (and that's almost everything on the menu, including the ice cream at long last!) And all these great changes have left the prices in the $5-6 a plate range. Under the new owners, Veggie Fun is probably the best all-veg restaurant in Phoenix or the surrounding communities.

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i had a chance to eat at the newly bought veggie fun and the food is delicious. the ice cream still isn't vegan, but they said they are working on it. there are other vegan desserts available, worth checking out, but always double check the vegan factor....

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Veggie Fun is not completely vegan. It seems the owners were confused about casein. It is in the soft serve ice cream. They also have non vegan crab puffs (as well as vegan ones). Veggie Fun is up for sale though, so hopefully it will get an all vegan menu. Their Kung Pao "Chicken" is wonderful but stay away from the beef and fish dishes.

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The food is excellent, I had the shredded 'pork' and sampled a few others. It is also cheap and filling. The service is very friendly. We also tried the soft serve 'ice cream,' it tasted just like regular soft serve ice cream. The decor is wacky, but this is a great little restaurant.

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The food there is really good, and inexpensive. Most entrees are around $5, which includes rice or noodles and steamed veggies too. They recently expanded their menu, I suggest the sweet & sour "pork", spring rolls and pepper "beef". (Every thing else is good too!)

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So good!!! The decor is a little lacking, and I don't like restaurants with TVs inside, but the food makes up for it all. The faux meats are great--almost a little too real! And there's non-dairy soft-serve ice cream for dessert. I'm in heaven!

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Veggie Fun has some of the best food in AZ. If you can get over the horrid sports/fruit themed decor you will definitely enjoy the delicious food. The Kung Pao Chicken and Crab Puffs are some of the best items on the menu. All of the food can be made vegan. Yum!

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