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Recently been back to Golden Era, yet again, and I'm pleased to say it's as good as ever. Everything there is good, but definitely try the Vietnamese Crepe.

Three times now I've taken very nervous meat-eater to Golden Era, and all three times they've dragged me back there the next day for seconds!

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This is my all time favorite vegan restaurant. I've never had a dish here that I didn't like and I've never received poor service. This is also a great place to bring non-veg people because the food isn't just good for vegan food, it's just darn good food!

I've been going here every time I'm in San Francisco for about 8 years and I ALWAYS get the vegan pho (soup) and the jalapeno tofu - which are still my two favorites. That said, I'm very happy that I tried some new things on my last two trips.

I got the fresh spring rolls with peanut sauce, which were pretty much your usual spring roll but they were so fresh and delicious. I also got the vegan foo young both times (like egg foo young) and it was PHENOMENAL. I haven't had egg foo young in maybe 9 years and pretty much forgot about it but a friend recommended this and it was to die for. We also tried the lemongrass tofu, which was good, but I still prefer the jalapeno tofu. I also tried a friend's order of the vermicelli, which was a great combination of flavors and textures (rice noodles, fried spring rolls, fresh herbs, and sauces).

On this most recent trip, I went here twice and became even more adventurous. I ordered the pho so we could satisfy that need, while my two friends ordered the curry noodle soup and the wonton soup. Both were very good but I was particularly impressed with the curry noodle soup, which was rich, flavorful, and downright delicious. We also had an order of the vegan chicken drumsticks, which I thought were pretty good but not spectacular. My meat-eating friend, however, says they're one of his favorite items and he orders them here all the time.

This was also the first time I ordered dessert here because their cakes always looked pretty average. I am now kicking myself for waiting for so long because their desserts are delicious! I had the mocha almond chocolate cake on my first visit last week (spectacular!) and the carrot cake on my second visit. Both were rich and moist, and had really good frostings.

Please go here!

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I ended up eating here on the 4th of July, mainly because every other vegan-friendly restaurant in San Francisco turned out to be closed for the holiday. The exterior of the restaurant looks a bit run down, so I was hesitant to eat here. However, I was pretty satisfied with the quality of the food. My faux lemon chicken had a nice texture and came with a delicious lemon sesame sauce and plenty of rice. The strawberry cheese cake wasn't the best vegan cheese cake that I have ever had, but it was far from being the worst. The service was quick, in spite of the fact that the restaurant was fairly full, and the prices were reasonable.

Overall, I would say that Golden Era is a good place to keep in mind if you are a vegetarian/vegan tourist staying in Union Square. There aren't many other veg-friendly restaurants in the area and this one is within a few blocks of most of the hotels and the Powell Street BART station. At the same time, I wouldn't go out of my way to eat here. There are better vegan-friendly restaurants in the Mission and better Chinese restaurants in Chinatown.

In any other city, I would give Golden Era a rating of "great," but there are so many great vegan-friendly restaurants in San Francisco that, comparatively, I would say that this place is "good."

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I went here a couple years ago and still remember it very well. It was a great experience; the food, service, and atmosphere! I felt like it was in a sort of shady part of town, but not so bad that I wouldn't go back.

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The service was friendly here, though the interior is a bit dreary and dark. I found the taste of my dish, the Ro Ti Chicken, to be nothing special---it seemed like your average vegan Chinese dish in a thick soy gravy---but the quality of the ingredients seemed a bit higher (the fake chicken was huge and had good texture). Next time I'll try some different dishes to get a better sense of their range of flavors.

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I tried 6 dishes here, and they were all good. Nothing was extraordinary, but they were all good or very good. The vegetarian lamb was very tough but it had good flavor. The vegetarian lemon chicken was very lemony and pretty good. The Indian fried rice was ok. The coconut curry was good. The eggplant with tofu was good too. The best was probably the spicy gourmet chicken; it was spicy, but not overly so, and it had a good flavor and chewy texture. Very good. The best thing about this restaurant, which made me give it an 8, is that they have Vegan Flan!! I used to love flan, but it's made just out of eggs + milk (+ sugar), but somehow Golden Era managed to make it vegan. It was very very tasty too, and just like I remember flan to be! Yumm! They also have vegan carrot cake and German chocolate cake!

I also liked that they had a lot of veg pamphlets at the front: Why Vegans, Guides to Cruelty-Free Eating, Vegetarian Starter Kits, etc.

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I meet my son in SF every Thursday for lunch at Golden Era. We think it's one of the best veggie places in town. My favorites include Buddha Bun, Chicken Salad, Gourmet Spicy Chicken and Lamb Claypot.

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love the food, especially the clay pot fish. the service is not that great though. i guess the waitress was having a bad day...then again, she's been having lots of bad days.

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Great atmosphere and food for moderate prices. The carrot(cup)cake was very tasty, as were the Lemon chicken and Broccoli & beef. I'll definitely return when I'm back in the Bay Area.

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Yummy food. The lemon "chicken" was delicious, as was the vegan carrot(cup)cake. The chow mein and wonton noodle soup were a bit noodle-heavy. The green bean/tofu dish was also very good. A much better deal than Millenium.

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