Beirut Restaurant

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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This place has unusually good falafel and baba ganoush. I would have never guessed that a random joint way out in the suburbs would be this good.

I came with a friend and we shared a falafel appetizer ($5.75), baba ganoush ($5.75) and tabouli ($5.75). The portion sizes are small, but made for a good snack to be shared between two people.

The falafel was excellent: nicely flavored, not too crispy or soft, with a firm filling. It achieved a delicately balanced taste, which was not too savory, oily, or herb-y. The tahini was also fresh.

The baba ganoush was similarly great: smoky and tart with a sufficient amount of olive oil and a touch of freshness with a few pieces of diced tomatoes.

The tabouli was decent, but not as great as the other two. It could have been a bit more acidic and lemony, in my opinion.

Lastly, the pita was acceptable, but not great. I wish it would have been softer and a little less dry. Also, I wish Beirut Restaurant offered a wholewheat option.

In conclusion, this place is actually worth the drive. Come here and try their falafel, if nothing else.

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I love this place, especially when they have belly dancers! It has a fun atmosphere, and a really nice layout for a restaurant. I've been there in a small group or a large one, and we always received excellent food and service. I highly recommend it!

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