Twin Cities, Minnesota


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I haven't had anything except their pizza, which is good, but not great. Not much in the way of ambiance either, unfortunately.

However, thanks to a friend, I'm hooked on their cheese pizzas with banana peppers... an awesome combo.

I don't believe that they offer soy cheese for vegans or others looking for a nondairy alternative. I wish they would.

Given the other options (Galactic, Uptown Pizza Luce), Davanni's is my third choice for Uptown / Lyn-Lake pizza.

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I don't think Davanni's is anything super special but I have been there many times and I've never been disappointed. I've had their hoagies and their calzones and both are enjoyable. Plus their vege hoagie is only $2.75 for a half which is an amazing price, however only really appropriate for lunchtime appetites.

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