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Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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vegan-friend Thai restaurant

Thai Tea only has a couple of already vegan-options on their menu, but the menu and their website specifically state that they are vegetarian friendly and they are happy to sub tofu or all veggies for any of the meat dishes. Some of the vegan options include tofu pad thai, vegetable stir fry, tofu stir fry, and volcano tofu.

Added by Cass Danger on May 23 09 (last updated May 23 09)

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This has got to be the worst Thai food I have ever had in my life. Seriously. My sister warned me that the food was bad, but I was SOOO excited to have a Thai restaurant in Oak Creek (not much around here), and really impressed that they seem to really try to offer vegetarian options that I just HAD to try it. Huge disappointment.

First off, apparently the owners went out of town for four days but only taped up a sign outside, which of course blew away, so I ended up standing around outside the restaurant, wondering why they weren't open. They also have no answering machine to let you know what the hours are or to record when the place will be unexpectedly closed.

I ordered both the pad thai tofu and the volcano tofu. I was pleased that both items were about $1 cheaper than their meat counterparts, even though the menu didn't say the veg option would be cheaper. The pad thai was TERRIBLE. It tasted nothing like pad thai and was barely generic Asian fusion. It was linguini noodles, lime juice, soggy tofu, and what seemed to be an incredible amount of paprika, which I didn't even know went into pad thai. I also had the volcano tofu, which sounded amazing, but apparently they forgot to add the spicy red sauce that usually comes on the side so I got soggy tofu and cabbage. Not spicy and not delicious.

My sister had ordered the volcano chicken before, which she said came w/ a spicy red sauce on top. I had called ahead to make sure the sauce was vegan and could be put on tofu. They said yeah, but then didn't put it on. I ordered it takeout and called when I got home and saw the mistake but they seemed to not believe me at first. Eventually, they said I could come back in the future and get another dish for free. I really don't want any more of their food, but since I was on my way to the airport, I couldn't head back to get a refund instead of credit, which I'm passing on to my sister, who isn't too enthusiastic about it.

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Oak Creek


Take Howell to Puetz Road. The closest freeway exits would be Ryan Rd (south of restaurant) and College Ave (north of restaurant). In either case, exit and head east to Howell.


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11am - 9pm

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