Shandal's Vegetarian Cafe

Bridgeport Area, Connecticut

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Vegan Ital and Caribbean food

Mockmeat Caribbean and Ital food.

Added by conde.kedar on May 21 09 (last updated May 2 11)

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Shandal's is a small, run-down Jamaican vegan joint serving a variety of fresh, flavorful dishes. I came and got a 6-dish sampler for $8: some of the dishes I ordered included a mock-chicken stir-fry with bell peppers, mock beef barbecue, pasta with seitan, fava bean curry, a tofu minestrone-stew and a simple mixed vegetable stew.

Make sure to specify you want to eat-in (there are a few small tables), as I didn't mention this and ended up having everything packed into a styrofoam container.

All of the food is hearty and flavorful, especially the mockmeat dishes. I really liked the fava bean curry, too, as it was not only tasty, but something you almost never see on menus at other Jamaican vegan joints. The barbecue seitan had great zing to it, as well.

While there are a good number of interesting dishes to choose from, at least five or six of them are remarkably bland and simple: one dish is just white rice with peas and carrots, another dish is just frozen peas, carrots and green beans with cabbage, another dish is just pieces of corn, and another dish is just stewed brussel sprouts.

While those vegetable dishes add some balance, they're also so plain and simple as to not merit anyone's attention. It might be better to cook them with spices to make them more attractive and interesting.

Shandal's is a great value and you get some simple, flavorful dishes. I recommend it.

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Shandal's exterior, April 2011

Shandal's exterior, April 2011


noon - 8:30pm

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