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At SunCafe in Studio City...BEST BEETS EVER! -- at SunCafe
I don't normally like beets, but theses were fresh and pickled just right so that they maintained their crispity crunchiness and didn't have that gooey aluminum aftertaste.

I'm noticing a theme of me being the happiest in my pictures if they're taken during dessert. Hmmmm. This is the raw Almond Butter Cheesecake at SunCafe in Studio City. It doesn't taste like or like cake,and Pastor didn't much care for it since he was expecting a creamy tart custardy type thing, but I loved it because it tasted like a Almond Macaroon on top of fluffy raw chocolate.

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they are not really raw. they use cooked nuts and seeds, cooked coconut and cooked agave. they will even tell you it's not really raw but still market themselves as a raw cafe. it's misleading to customers who are paying more for food based on the raw description. also most of the food is not organic either. so mostly cooked and not organic food. really deceptive.

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For my money, SunPower Natural is the best vegan restaurant in L.A. It's located in Studio City, across from Universal Studios and a mile from the Hollywood Bowl. After only being in business 2 months, they were voted as the 2nd Best Vegetarian Restaurant in L.A. at World Vegan Day by the 2,000 participants, which I went too.

SunPower serves up both comfort food and gourmet specials with a huge selection of raw foods as well as mouthwatering vegan choices. I'm told they make almost everything from scratch right down to their own cashew mayo. This ignites the food with flavor.

Their sunflower burgers are by far the best veg burgers I've ever eaten. large, thick patties full of rich flavor and a terrific texture. I've been with meat eaters to the restaurant and even they were blown away. They make a BBQ burger with the pattie topped with marinated mushrooms and onions with a tangy BBQ that will knock your socks off.

My favorite sandwich though is their Italian. It uses their sunflower sausage mixed with marinara, and cashew cheez to remind me of an Italian meatball sandwich only way tastier and cruelty free! They really know how to flavor things at this restaurant. No bland veggie food here.

Their raw supreme pizza is a marvel of modern raw food with it's stunning sunflower crust and layers of cashew chez, marinara, marinate veggies and sunflower sausage. I have heard moans from adjoining tables as people try it for the first time! Seriously!

Chef Rawsheed invents some amazing specials too. I've had his kale colossus: a huge massaged kale salad topped with sausage, nacho cheez, veggies and other sauces - mouth watering and filling too. His raw spinach quiche is so full of flavor. Usually, I can tell what spices are in a dish, but his entrees are a mystery they are so full of layers of flavor. His black kale soup was amazing topped with dehydrated kale that complimented it like croutons. I could go on and on about the specials but you really need to taste them to fully appreciate them.

The desserts here are hands down the best vegan desserts in L.A. Tiramisu to die for! A rich Coconut Butter Pecan Chezcake which is the best dessert I think I've ever tasted. Assorted special pies and chezcakes that they invent each week (lemon coconut chezcake is one of the best).

Anyway, enough talk. Go see for yourself. I've never had anything on the menu that wasn't among the best vegan food I've ever tasted.

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