Charlie Trotter's

Chicago, Illinois


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Charlie Trotter's made me a truly exceptional graduation dinner. The entire staff was very knowledgeable and accommodating of my vegan dietary concerns. They even brought me three different types of olive oil to enjoy with my bread (instead of butter, which was brought to the rest of my party).

Although the items on the "vegetable tasting menu" were not inherently vegan, each item was suitably altered to meet my needs. I was able to enjoy my dinner without having to feel different from the rest of my table. Some of the more memorable dishes included a tapioca "caviar" with a foamed green tea sauce and a chocolate peanut butter gelato in a Thai grass broth garnished with pine nuts.

The best part was that, after eating dinner, Mrs. Trotter gave us a tour of the kitchen and let us watch while the chefs prepared some of the food.

I wasn't the only person who was awestruck by our dinner experience. My non-vegetarian relatives kept insisting that their vegetable tastings were among the best food that they had ever eaten.

rating star

Decided that since I've been living in Chicago for 15 years, it was time to try this institution. They have a vegetarian prix fixe menu, so I have to commend them for being so forward thinking. It is pricey... so not a place anyone would go to often (well, I guess some people are rich enough!). The food was interesting in a cerebral way, but I found it to be kind of soul-less. I'd much rather go to an authentic place where the people cook something that is close to their hearts. The desserts, however, were fantastic! If they had a 9 course dessert menu, I would go there for that! All in all an interesting experience to have once in my life, but it didn't knock my socks off.

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