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In all fairness, I did not know about the call ahead vegan option. I was here for a special event where our host had pre-ordered the food for us so I ate what few veg*n options were available for me. I saw this place as big on meat, with vegans treated as an afterthought or given no thought at all. I wasn't impressed and have never gone back.

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I ate here once and I can testify to the vegan-ness of the menu if you alert them ahead of time. I called about an hour before my reservation (which, by their standards, is pretty late) to let them know that I am vegan and when I arrived they were able to tell me exactly what on the menu was (and wasn't) vegan. They even knew which of their breads had honey in them and were able to advise me on those as well. I was extremely please with my dinner (which consisted of a melon soup, a grilled vegetable medley and a trio of sorbet for dessert) and I was impressed with the chef's and waiters' knowledge of vegan cuisine. Although mk is a bit pricey, I would definitely go there again for a special occasion.

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