Russian Tea Time

Chicago, Illinois


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I had the vegetarian stew here (made with vegetable oil, not butter), and it was delicious. For some reason the food/atmosphere doesn't look all that impressive to me (maybe it's trying too hard), but the taste is there.

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This place is quite expensive and the food just isn't worth it. I really loved the bread they served, dark pumpernickel with onion on the crust. However, the rest of the food I had was okay at best. My appetizer, the zucchini and eggplant, was decent, though the eggplant was cooked with some sort of too-sweet sauce on it.

My main dish, however, was totally bland. It was a big pile of stewed vegetables with barely any spices. Maybe I just don't like Russian food.

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While this place looks like it would be expensive (and trust me, it is if you order the main entrees or the flavored vodka shots), it is easy to get a reasonably-priced meal here if you just order the side ¨taste¨ dishes. Many of the ¨taste¨ dishes are vegan and range between $3-5. Very reasonable if you order a few and split them with friends.

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My husband and I love this place for a quick, inexpensive lunch when we visit the Art Institute. A bowl of soup and their dark brown bread will fill you up or choose from several vegan entrees for a fancier meal. We've enjoyed the vegetarian sampler platter with guests.

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I went here for afternoon tea. I called ahead to ask if the full tea service ($19) had any vegan-friendly entrees, and I was told no. I was, however, able to find a couple of vegan friendly entrees on the lunch menu, so I just ordered from there. The food was good, the tea was quite fine, but the service was unbelievably neglectful especially when they weren't even busy. I think we sat for a good 20 minutes trying to track someone down for the check.

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