Hamburger Mary's Chicago

Chicago, Illinois


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A burger restaurant obviously isn't the best place for a vegan. However, I have to say that my experience was much better than the previous reviewer. It seems they have made some progress over the past few years. Their black bean patty IS now advertised as vegan. My meal was tasty and the service was friendly. For the health conscious, French fries can be replaced with mixed steamed veggies.

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The information that the black bean burger can be done vegan is patently FALSE FALSE FALSE. I did call twice to see if it can be done vegan, and they gave me a sort of "sure, we can do whatever." When I actually showed up the service was clueless (they had to make several trips back to clarify what's vegan -- "no meat, right?", "can you eat fish or seafood?", "how about milk?"). But in the end, it turns out that the black bean burger both has eggs and cheese in it.

I ultimately choose a boring pasta dish, which was horribly mediocre. After I got my food, the service was pretty much disinterested in anything else happening at the table.

The food is not great at all, and the uninformed, not caring service makes it just that much worse.

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