Amore Restaurant

Seattle, Washington


rating star

Ordered the white truffle mushroom risotto. Excellent. They had 3 vegan options and unlike so many restuarants, you don't feel like you're missing out on the dining experience. The three items give a good sampling of their offerings. I got a side of their tomato sauce and thought it was very good as well. Good ambiance and great music. Would definitely go back.

rating star

We had a coupon to check out Amore, and we are glad we did because we would never pay full price for this place! Their website made it seem like they were vegan friendly. Which they are sort of... They do not have a separate vegan menu - unlike their website. You have to guess your way through the menu. And then they do not seem to connect your request with other aspects of the meal: bread had butter on it!

Generally the ambiance was that of some very touristy place. Not really the kind of place we will plan on returning to. Food was passable, but not worth the money it cost. The hummus plate had too little bread (and it was all buttery, anyway) and the garlic appeared to be from a jar. Not worth $10. The eggplant tower was too acidic and not a good flavor. Pass on that!

The service was nice enough. I never even noticed them refill my water glass, so that is a thumbs up! Very efficient there. But the food was very slowly served and we had to wait a long time to get a requested refill on bread for the hummus plate. It almost didn't come until our entrees were ready to be brought out (which was VERY slow to start)! They were not busy, but acted busy. So I do not recommend this place at all.

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