The Natural Blend

Brooklyn, New York City


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I stopped in The Natural Blend this weekend on a really hot day (first hot day of the spring/summer), and was SOOOO pleased to find they had a large selection of vegan ice cream. They only charge $2 for the first scoop and $1 for each additional scoop. I got three scoops (woulda got more if the cones were bigger), and got the butter pecan (delish!), cookies and cream (yummy), and "great nut" (not delish). I saw the description "Great Nut" and asked what it was, specifically asking if they meant "Grape Nuts", like the little cereal, and the employee didn't seem to really know so just confirmed what the sign said, "it's great NUT". Well, it was actually Grape Nuts in vanilla ice cream, which I find to be really weird, but it only cost me $1 so it's no big deal.

I also tried their potato salad, which was really good. I'm a potato salad freak so it breaks my heart when veg spots use egg mayo to make it. When asking what in the case was vegan, the employee specifically told me they use Veganaise to make the potato salad so it's vegan. When I stopped in, the only non-vegan item in the case was lasagna, which contained dairy cheese. There was a quinoa salad, a noodle dish, and a bunch of other tasty-looking sides.

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