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Bakery with a few vegan options


Local bakery specializing in kosher/parve baking- no dairy! A lot of their breads are vegan- there is a handy take-away ingredients list for all their breads at the counter.

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I wish I'd known about Breadsmith earlier as there's a definite shortage of vegan baked good options in St. Paul. Breadsmith somewhat improves the situation by offering a few vegan options: a caramel pecan bun (Saturdays only); and either a chocolate bobka roll or loaf.

I had a chocolate bobka roll ($2.10 with tax) and it was delicious: not too much chocolate, not gooey, and fresh, soft pastry. The bobka was also really large which made it a great value at only $2.10.

If Breadsmith had a few more vegan dessert options I'd probably come back more often. That said, I'm looking forward to their caramel pecan bun on Saturday.

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Watch out, the pumpkin muffins are no longer vegan, they sadly changed the recipe to include eggs at the Minnetonka branch, and I would assume this change is across the board for all stores.

If enough people expressed displeasure, who knows, maybe they'd revert to the old recipe. Doubtful, of course.

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