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vegan-friendly burger joint

Restaurant, Bar

Homage is a Burger Bar with a loungy cafe feel and a bit of Jamaica interspersed in the decor and ambiance. Vegan items include the portabella burger and veggie burger (both are $8), and grilled tofu burger (minus the pesto), which is $6.50. Burgers include fries, which are vegan and you can get regular, herb, or truffle (for $1 more).

There are a few seats at the bar, a few tables inside and a few outside, and there is a big couch indoors, in front of a coffee table stocked with magazines and games.

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I was really pleased with this spot. My friends and I had been walking in the hot sun all day and this place was totally what we needed. The environment was really chill, the music was great, the service was friendly, and the design/decor was beautiful.

We sat on the (very comfy) couch and played Scrabble (my favorite game) while we waited for our food. My friends got the veggie burger, which I sampled and enjoyed. It may have just been a Gardenburger, but it was good because it had been grilled and was piled high with lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. I ordered the tofu burger, which was actually just grilled tofu (I was expecting a homemade tofu burger), but it was good. I wish there was a good substitute for the non-vegan pesto that I had them omit, but I still enjoyed w/ just ketchup and mustard. I didn't like it as much as the veggie burger, but you can't go wrong with $6.50. I also paid $1 to get the truffle oil on the fries. I really liked them, and they had a special flavor, but I wouldn't have guessed it to be truffle oil if I didn't already know.

Finally, while it looked like the Mexicans in the kitchen were working harder than the non-Mexicans in the front (as is usually the case), I spoke with one of them, who said they are treated pretty well. I always ask immigrant staff about how they're treated since so many are exploited. He may have been overly kind to his employer if he thought I was testing him, since after all, he was doing the cooking, cleaning, and errand running while the front staff hung out outside between orders, but I would guess that conditions are at least better than at most restaurants.

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Crown Heights


Shuttle to Park Place or Franklin Ave C train



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