Mediterranean Grill

DTW - Detroit Wayne County, Airports


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By airport standards, Mediterranean Grill is great for vegans. It offers hummus, baba ganouj and falafel, as well as salads. To this day, it is the only airport joint I've seen that offers falafel.

I had a falafel sandwich ($7.99) which was problematic. For one thing, the pita was dry and chewy (they also don't offer a wholewheat option). Also, they put picked in the wrap. What's up with that? Pickles and tahini don't mix.

The vegetables (lettuce and tomato) were limp and cafeteria-grade plastic replicas, in my opinion. I guess I couldn't have expected more than this in an airport.

Lastly, the falafel pieces themselves were decent. The next time around, I would skip the falafel sandwich and just get a falafel plate, so as to avoid the crappy vegetables and the sub-par pita.

The service here was acceptable, though the joint itself is a bit grimy and decayed.

I give this place three stars only because it is exceptionally vegan-friendly (by airport standards).

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