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I never tasted such a worst Indian food in my Life. We went for a buffet. There were just 2 courses of main meal, one was a rice which was so bland and another was poori, which was made from clearly ready-made tacos. There was so many side dish out of which not even one was good. Oh my god and then they had a noodles. I felt like that was made out of ready-made maggie noodles. That had a weird taste, like the noodles itself had expired. Then Desert - they had boiled Rava in water and added some sugar to it and dint take like a desert at all.Worst of all, The buffet was a atrocious rate of 10$ and they charged 5$ for a 2 yr old kid who ate just 1 poori. I would never suggest this place to my friends or I would never go back to this place.

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The worst Indian restaurant that I have ever been to. It was so bad, that I was inspired to create an account on Vegguide. My husband and I went with our two kids to the lunch buffet. The food at the buffet was tepid at best with very little selection. We tried about two bites and walked out without paying. We were not going to risk the safety of our family by eating unsafe, warmish food that wasn't even tasty. Instead, we drove back the way we came and went to Ghandi Mahal on East Lake Street. We are still in search of an Indian restaurant that can even touch Maharani in Madison, WI. Seriously, I don't know how anyone can even eat here. Indian food is my absolute favorite cuisine, so it's not like this was my first time. I should also add that the last time we tried to visit this place, they were open, but their sign wasn't lit and told us to come another time. Very strange experiences both times.

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I've been here a few times and the food is reliably tasty. The prices are reasonable, what's vegan is well marked, and they have creative vegan dishes. It was quiet when we were there, and the service was personable.

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We loved it! It was a quiet Monday and it was like getting a beautifully prepared and presented meal at a friend's house. We had dal makhani and an okra dish, both of which were delicious. The garlic naan was superb - well worth taking a lactose tablet for - the owner explained since they don't use eggs they found milk a workable substitute in their recipe for naan - crusty, puffy with oh-so-good spices on top. With a couple of drinks each, our tab with tip came to about $30 per person - we will return!

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Atmosphere: 2.5
Small, but relatively clean. Part of the space was taken up by a rack of clothing and other things for sale -- about which I was torn. I liked that one could buy those things there, but at the same time it definitely cluttered the space. The lighting wasn't bad -- not too bright, not too dark.

Service: 2.5
The food took a little while to get to us, and the soy chai (definitely a plus that it was available!) didn't come until the samosas did. We had no trouble getting water refills (and I certainly needed it), but getting the bill at the end was on the slow side. Despite all that, our server was a really nice man who was very willing to accommodate -- and joked with us a bit because my dish was too spicy for me.

Food: 4.0
The food was well worth the wait. Despite having to down glass after glass of water with my dish (I was well warned, it's the spiciest dish in that restaurant), the food was delicious. I ordered that and poori, which was also really good (and not as oily as at most Indian restaurants I've been too, which was nice). There were many different flavors in all the dishes, and they worked really well together.

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Went here when it opened. We went for dinner. Food was very overpriced. Service wasn't bad although water refills are nearly impossible.

All the food tasted like cinnamon toast crunch cereal. We had two different types of curries and the samosas and it tasted very cinnamon-y and milk-y. The bill was a shock, I think it's because of the expensive chai teas as well as the food.

I have not gone back, so this is only one review. The server was nice(an older woman) and helpful but food was not there.

About on par with Marla's, which occupied the space before this place.

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we went to the buffet a couple months ago, and it was one of the worst experiences...yes, the service was nice, one woman who sat at a table making it just us and her in the entire restaurant on a saturday at lunch. the emptiness shouldve been a sign. the second we walked up to the buffet line, i got the feeling that this wasnt a good idea, but i was too embarassed to walk out. we took the plunge instead, and put four different kinds of slop on our plates, each one tasting just as bland as the next. we managed to eat a couple plates for our $10 (yikes) and then moaned all the way home, where we then passed out, literally, then reawoke with terrible headaches. it was the kind of reaction i would get from eating food with msg. and as far as fresh or frozen goes, i was convinced that everything came from cans or the freezer, and none of it was even heated very well. i just dont understand the positive reviews for this place, its like we ate at separate restaurants.

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Delights of India is a delight indeed. If you're looking for light, authentic, home-cooked Indian food, come here (they also have a lunch buffet). In the Twin Cities, this is the only place that accurately replicates the complex, sophisticated tastes of North Indian cuisine and, best of all, uses fresh (non-frozen) ingredients and limited amounts of oil.

You can't really go wrong with any dish here, though I would recommend dishes with potatoes, spinach or eggplant; their lentil and chickpea dishes are good, but don't quite match the tastes of their vegetable dishes. Their samosas are also excellent.

The service is extremely friendly and gracious, though not the fastest in the world. Don't expect to schlep some buffet items on a dish, eat like mad, and then run out; in Delights of India, you'll actually want to savor your meal.

All vegan items are labeled on the menu and they even offer soy chai (though the tea base they use needs to be stronger---the current tea they use is a light black tea which gets drowned out by the milk).

My only gripes would be that they don't offer brown rice (not unusual for Indian restaurants) and that the prices are a bit on the higher side ($11-13 per dish).

Nevertheless, this is the highest quality Indian food you'll find in the Twin Cities, and the most authentic. At Delights of India there are no concessions to Americanized tastes; this may sound scary at first, but it really just means that you'll get healthier, fresher food that can express itself properly, without relying on buckets of oil and raw quantities (like at most Indian buffets).

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Delights of India is a delight to have in the Uptown neighborhood. Overall a good restaurant with lots of things going for it--worth checking out.

Pros: Delicious vegan combination platter featuring curried vegetables, two types of coleslaw, a lentil dish, and an eggplant dish (highly recommended). The samosas are extremely flavorful too. They have an iced soy chai tea, which was also pretty refreshing.

Cons: A bit on the expensive side, not the fastest service, a surcharge for extra rice ($3!?), no vegan dessert options. Hopefully these are things that can be changed and improved upon.

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Tasty food. Fresh and flavorful ingredients. And the two entreés we tried each hade their own combination of tasty spices. And they had momos (tibetan dumplings) in addition to traditional indian appetizers. Vegan entreés were labled, but the breads were not (the poori and i think roti were vegan.. you should ask though). Good friendly service.

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