Greenway Cafe

Twin Cities, Minnesota


it's really too bad this place had to close. :(

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Excellent sandwiches and desserts. The best all-vegan restaurant within 500 miles.

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I'll admit my bias: I know the people who run the place.

What a treat! It's a small cafe with a simple menu, but the food was great! I had a mock-turkey sandwich and a vanilla-orange (or something like that) cupcake. It was straightforward, tasty, and affordable.

This is only the second vegan cafe in the Twin Cities area. It's great to walk in and know you can have anything on the menu.

The service was great, though they are still figuring out how to do things like run the cash register or have enough bread on hand. Not surprising, since today was their first day.

The decor is interesting, and brightly colored. There's outdoor seating on a patio. It's very accessible by bike, since it's right off the Midtown Greenway.

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