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I'd really like to give this place 3.5 stars, but I'll settle on just 3.

The food here was a mixed bag. The sushi appetizer was a bit dry, but not terrible, but not great either. The Golden Beauty dish was nice, with thin slices of batter fried seitan. The fried rice was okay, but a little bland and dry. It could have used some more oil and onion.

However, the chai I ordered was pretty terrible. The only spice I could taste was cinnamon, and boy could I taste it! A little cinnamon goes a long way, and a lot of cinnamon goes way too far. My wife didn't like her coffee either.

The service was very friendly and efficient. And they have a mention of VegGuide on the table cards, so that's pretty cool.

All that said, if I lived near here I'd come back and try other dishes. I probably wouldn't go out of my way to come here though, when the Phoenix area has so many amazing options.

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I think this place is great!! I am not totally converted to vegetarian but am leaning in that direction due to heart health and weight issues. The vegan dishes here are great because they are similar to the meat based dishes that I am use to which makes the conversion to VEG much easier for a "new-be". The ladies working there are all very nice & helpful to newcomers. My wife & I have liked every dish we have tried (6 so far in the last 2 weeks). The only confusing thing is that they don't use any "meat names" so you have to figure out what it is by pictures. Try this place, you will like it. (the spicy "fake" beef & onions and the "fake" fried shrimp are great) Next time, I am trying the "fake" chicken wings. They looked really good.

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not enough fresh food and too much spirituality, most vegans i know are Brights and this Super stuff is disturbing and less processed fake meat and more fresh whole foods are my liking

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I wish there were more loving huts in arizona...There food is always fresh and delicious! My 4 year old loves there Golden Nuggets and I keep trying different things everytime I go and have never been disappointed. Today I had the Golden Vermicelli it was Great! I took my parents with me who are newly vegan and they really enjoyed the place. I've also had the Save the planet curry which is very good as well, also the Spring and Golden rolls are delicious.

Hope more locations will be coming soon:)

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What a wonderful place.

I'm not sure what bias the last reviewer had but this place is bright and warm and very welcoming. the food was beyond outstanding and the prices were very reasonable. I saw people from all walks of life eating here, so it looks like they are drawing more than just vegans. Everyone on the staff (probably family) was very polite and helpful.

I can see how some people may be turned off by the silent TV screens espousing a vegan lifestyle in 12 languages. But, being a vegan, it certainly did not bother me. If this place is the result of some kind of cult, I hope they brainwash people in my home city.

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GROSS atmosphere very cold and dingy with the employees looking at you like you are a wierdo. Also, the same people/cult as The Veg House in Phoenix which use dairy and eggs in their desserts---and who knows what else!! dont trust this place.

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This place is amazing. There are so many dishes, appetizers, and drinks to choose from. Just too bad it's all the way in the Northwest Valley (since I don't have a car and live in Tempe). Loving Hut is def. worth the trip out there. Hopefully they'll open a second location a little closer to Downtown Phoenix and the East Valley.

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I am LUCKY to live so close to this wonderful place. Friends introduced us to it and even my carnivore husband loves it. The staff are lovely and the food as well. I think one of the TV or news stations should come and visit here..the energy and menu are worth it.

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The food was fantastic and low price yum

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I can't begin to say how great this place is. I went there for the first time with my son and my parents last night. They have the greatest menu...a WIDE variety of all different foods with completely different flavors. The menu wasn't just Thai or Japanese or geared towards only ONE type of food like so many other places. There's something for everyone. The menu consists of things like spaghetti, burgers, salads, sushi, raw foods, shrimp, steak...all made from tofu and amazingly tastes JUST LIKE what it's intended to taste like. My Mom ordered a spicy shrimp dish and it tasted (and even looked) exactly like shimp. My Dad ordered a chicken salad and you couldn't tell the difference (tofu vs. chicken). Unbelievable!!! My son is 7 and LOVED it! Weird!:) I hope that more people will try this place. It's absolutely excellent and the staff was SUPER helpful and friendly. The restaurant itself is very clean and comfortable and pretty. In addition, their prices are very many of these vegan places are WAY over priced. I will be a regular...definitely! If you haven't been there, you NEED TO GO!!! You'll be a regular too!

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This is an excellent place for vegan food lovers.

The only problem I had was that there were too many choices on the menu! :-) There were so many tasty things to choose from I couldn't make up my mind. The only thing that surpasses the exquisite food was the staff. They greet you warmly when you enter, they are exceedingly friendly, from the person taking your order, the wait staff and even the kitchen staff comes out ot welcome you.

My rating: 5 Silver Spoons (out of a possible 5)

I highly recommend.

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I just wanted to take a moment to say how impressed I was with this restaurant and the staff! I truly hope they do well. My only complaint is that I live in Queen Creek and it is quite a distance from me!

Everyone is so friendly here. They give away so much, I have no idea how they make money, especially considering their low prices!

They truly understand veganism and its message. I wish all vegan establishments would model themselves after Loving Hut.

I wish them all the luck and hope everyone discovers this gem...and hopefully they will be able to open up another frnachise on the east side!

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Today I checked out the newly opened Loving Hut on 35th Ave & Union Hills in North Phoenix. The food was fantastic.

I ordered the NY "steak" combo, which came with a soup of the day (very tasty vegetable soup), rice (brown or white), some side veggies (cabbage, carrots, snap peas) and eggplant with tofu.

The eggplant with tofu was very good, the skin was not chewy at all like in many other eggplant dishes, it almost melted in my mouth and it was very tasty.

The actual NY "steak" was more like a crispy faux chicken, but it was still pretty good and came with a curry dipping sauce.

They also have a wide variety of other food menu items. The drink menu is also impressive. Many fresh made juices, smoothies, teas, etc. I opted for a not-so-exotic Jasmine iced tea and added some organic brown sugar found on the counter.

My entire meal including my drink was about $9 and left me with a full belly.

Overall I was very satisfied and I will be turning this into a regular lunch & dinner spot.

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