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Sanitarium-themed donut shop and cafe

Coffee/Tea/Juice, Grocery/Bakery/Deli, Caterer

Features a wide variety of donut flavors and has vegan options.

Some of the staff includes women in nurse outfits for that extra-special theme effect.

Added by conde.kedar on Apr 8 09 (last updated Jun 17 11)

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September 2011 review:
Made another trip to this location and was disappointed to learn that they had already sold out of their 2nd vegan donut of the day at 10am!!!! For a place that stays open until 11pm, that's pretty early! I got a couple of the "cheesefake" donuts, which were a take on vegan cheesecake. I liked the donut, but it wasn't spectacular. What WAS spectacular, was the order of blueberry donut holes. I've had quite a few dry donut holes that are pushed off as a special product, when they're really just donut leftovers, but these were amazing. They were slightly crisp on the outside and surprisingly soft and moist on the inside. Well done! Definitely some of the best donuts I've ever had!

May 2011 review:
Thanks to a random Google search of "vegan donuts, San Jose", I stumbled upon Psycho Donuts, hooray! This particular location was a little further out of the downtown area but they have more vegan options than the one on 2nd Street. Fortunately, my friend had a car so we came out here. We had the French Toast vegan donut (awesome), Neapolitan - which had chocolate layering with pink and white but didn't necessarily have all those different flavors (pretty good), and the raspberry chocolate (very good), which was my favorite.

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This is a strip mall donut shop that just so happens to have two vegan varieties daily. Oh, and the cashier will likely be wearing a sanitorium uniform.

I got their two vegan options, which were $2 a piece. Both of them were excellent (one had orange frosting, and the other was chocolate or something). Best yet, my non-vegan friend also enjoyed them.

They're cake-y donuts, not raised-type. I've had better vegan donuts elsewhere (namely, Little Monster Cakes in New Haven and Fritz Pastry in Chicago), but I'd put Psycho Donuts at the same level as Voodoo in Portland or Mighty-O in Seattle.

If Psycho Donuts had more vegan options, they'd deserve another star.

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