Downtown Natural Market

Brooklyn, New York City


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I was SOOO happy to come across this place. I had training for work about a half mile away, where the only lunch options were a McDonalds or two super meaty bodegas. While walking on my lunch break, I came across Downtown Natural Market, which had a big sign that read "vegetarian lunch buffet". I went in to check it out and found out that the entire store is vegetarian.

I picked up some groceries (at pretty standard prices), and got a vegan chicken empanada for $2.75, which ended up being way too dry. I also got a piece of vegan carrot cake, which was really good, and apparently made by a local vegan baker. I think they get their stuff from some of the Carribean spots around where Veggie Castle used to be, as the guy at the juice bar told me that "some guy on Church St." brings the vegan cake.

The hot buffet bar seemed to have some good-looking options, but I was disappointed that most of the items were made using the same soy chicken drumsticks. There wasn't much variety of soy meats and I didn't see any interesting all-vegetable items, aside from some plain greens.

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