Flaun's Appetizers

Brooklyn, New York City
40 Lee
Brooklyn, NY 11211


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vegan-friendly grocery & ice cream shop


Flaun's is a small grocery that carries a good selection of vegan items. The deli section isn't particularly vegan friendly, although you can definitely find a few options, but a lot of the candy, chocolate, and snacks that are Kosher happen to be vegan (including the chocolate-covered almonds and raisins).

They also have an ice cream case in the front, with one side full of dairy and one side full of "parve", which happens to be vegan (made by Klein's), although they can't always provide you with an ingredient list.

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I actually had to stop at this place for work and when I went in, I saw they had two ice cream cases, so I asked if any was non-dairy, and they told me the "parve" was non-dairy. They didn't say they know what's in the non-dairy or have any labels to show me, but they said they use Klein's ice cream, which is a Brooklyn-based ice cream company that also provides Food Swings w/ vegan ice cream so I trusted it.

One of the guys wasn't particularly helpful, perhaps because I was the only non-Hasidic Jewish guy shopping there, as was the case in many stores I visited around here, but when I stopped by another time, a younger guy I spoke with was nice.

I looked over the ingredients on some of the candies and was really happy that the chocolate-covered almonds were vegan, as many contain dairy. I tried a few of the vegan ice creams, including the cherry (which was good, but I have never really liked cherry, so not sure why I got it), the coffee (which was okay, but again, I've never liked much so not sure why I got it), and the fudge swirl, which was very good. The cone was $3.50 for 3 small scoops, which isn't an outstanding deal, but isn't as bad as it could be, so I guess I was satisfied w/ my purchase.

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J train to Marcy Ave

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