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I visited GRO a couple weeks ago and found it to be a nice and quaint little restaurant. I have been a vegetarian for over 15 yrs and wanted to try Raw Vegan food.

To start off, I tried the Onion Rings which were good. They had a different texture that I was used to, as I had only had regular fried onion rings.

Then I had the Raw Zucchini Pasta and Nut Balls which was great! Super yummy!

My friend had the spicy noodles which were great also.

The chocolates and the Apple Cake were my favorite!! :) YUM! My daughter had the local berry smoothie which was tasty! The Hot Cocoa was good too!

They didn't have all the kids menu items on hand (ie almond butter/jelly sandwich) but that was because they were in the process of switching over to a new owner.

I will most likely be visiting again very soon! Worth the 1 hour drive :)

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I was so excited to see Portland's first raw restaurant! The food there is fresh and tasty. I felt good about ordering anything on the menu. Everything is good for you and makes you feel great. Portland needs more healthy places around with a positive atmosphere.


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Last night (Wednesday, 7/22/09) I was meeting a friend at Gro at 6pm for dinner. I was waiting outside for her when the woman working inside walked to the door and locked it. I caught the woman's eye through the window, but she ignored me and walked to the back of the restaurant. When I read the article posted on the window, it listed the hours as being open until 8pm Monday through Saturday. I had to meet my friend somewhere else, and we wasted time in our evening doing that. Between changing hours on the fly and ignoring customers who are trying to get your attention, it just doesn't seem like a very good way to run a business.

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I'm a vegan and I've been here three or four times. Most of the food is very good like the veggie ball sub and tera burger and all but one of the appetizers that I tried. The third time I went here the prices had increased about 30% and haven't been there since. The price for a main menu items is about $8.00 for just food which is not bad but the portions were small. The appetizers cost almost as much as the main menu items so to get a good filling meal would cost about $15.00. I haven't tried the smoothies but they are pricey as well. But the food is of course its pricey. All things said...for those who can afford it, I recommend it!

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Since Gro Cafe opened a month ago, I have been a frequent customer because the deliciously fresh, innovative (and, of course, raw) menu offered there is unparalleled in Portland. Gro features a relaxed atmosphere, with a mellow vibe and beautifully varied art on the walls and tabletops (the restaurant doubles as a gallery and this month's First Friday art walk/grand opening party was a BLAST). In terms of personal favorites on the menu, I must sing the praises of the Gia-Sphere Smoothie, which is a tangy, sweet, refreshing and balanced blend of local berries, in-house made coconut milk, raw honey, kola nut, dates and hemp seeds. In terms of sandwiches, I love them all, but I have a special place in my heart, as well as my stomach, for the savory Tera Burger (made with sunflower seeds, kamut and carrot) and the Emma Goldman (which contains marinated, in-house grown shitake mushrooms and an assortment of veggies in a ginger-miso dressing). The raw chocolates, also made at Gro, are all exquisitely dark, just sweet enough and bliss-inducing. Stop by Gro if you need a little pick-me-up that is sustainable, completely legal and something you can feel good about. Your bosy, mind and spirit will thank you.

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I haven't been to a raw cafe since Kindness Cafe closed in Philadelphia. I originally questioned the location of GRO on Congress St, but this space is fantastic.

I ordered a veggieball sandwich, which was indeed delicious. The portion size was average, perhaps on the small side for someone like me. For desert, a goji berry chocolate. I'm not normally a chocolate person, but this was phenomenal.

I will be back. Often. With wifi and a great, open atmosphere, I can imagine spending a lot of time hanging out here, working by the window, watching people walk by.

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