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So many delicious vegan options.

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ok, i went for the berkely vegan with daiya cheese, and now that you can buy daiya in minnesota, i personally have no reason to return. the food was just fine, and i was actually floored by how good the gluten free crust is at this place. but, i have huge issues when a business totes their "green ethics" and puts the word organic on their menu, only to find that A) only the wheat crust and tomato sauce are organic,and B) they serve everything on non recyclable plastic, paper plates, and bleached white napkins- all of which gets thrown into the same garbage along with food scraps, glass, and other mish-mash. other reviewers are correct in saying "thats not greenwashing, thats lying"
i would much rather shuck out the extra money at galatic and know that i am supporting a responsible company. if they weren't so apt to put these statements in print my review would have read more like "so, you're in roseville and you're a hungry vegan? might as well"

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We went after a trip with the kids the train museum in St. Paul. It is kid-friendly and while it wasn't a great atmosphere, we weren't really looking for that with two little kids. We ordered a small pizza with Daiya cheese for the kids and the Berkley for us. Both were delicious and we'll definitely head back there next time we are in that part of town.

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Atmosphere: 2.5
It was clean, but nothing special. Not much of a sit-down restaurant, more akin to a chain of quick food. That said, it didn't bother me too much, because it didn't try to be a classy restaurant, and fail, it was just a bright, mostly take-out place.

Service: 3.5
Good, fast(though it was hard to judge this since when we went in it was during the less busy hours), friendly, and willing to accommodate. Not too much to comment on because there weren't really "servers."

Food: 4.0
Excellent food for what it was. I was a bit thrown off by the atmosphere of the place, but the vegan pizza was delicious. Plus, we got one pizza free because of a deal they were having -- it reheats pretty well, too. We also ordered a Pear and (not) Gorgonzola salad, which even my sister liked, and she doesn't really do salads; the flavors worked really well together, and the vegetables on the pizza as well as in the salad were very fresh.

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As a vegan living in St. Paul, I oftentimes am envious of all of the wonderful vegan options in neighboring Minneapolis. It is great to have a vegan friendly pizza place so close to where I live (northern part of St. Paul) that even offers free delivery. I had the "berkeley soy cheese veggie" (which is actually made with daiya, no casein) with whole wheat crust, and I was VERY impressed with it! I have always loved pizza, and had been slightly missing cheese pizza lately, and this really hit the spot. I also had a California salad, and the greens were really fresh and tasty. I will definitely be ordering from this place again!!

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i had the soy cheese pizza. soooo good! it was only ten dollars too for the small one. i would recommend this place to vegans in the area. daiya vegan cheese is super tasty.

*even though their website says that their soy cheese has casein, it doesn't! they use daiya!*

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Had 2 tasty pizzas, thanks to their current Buy One Get One Free Deal on mondays and tuesdays.

Tried the Berkley Cheese and a build my own of eggplant, artichoke and olive.

I was really excited to try the Daiya cheese. I thought it was tasty, but not quite the magical vegan cheese I was hoping for. Still a nice alternative and great to see a chain with vegan cheese and crusts. They put the cheese on below the rest of the toppings, and I think it would firm up a bit better if they had it on top.

They have a nice variety of toppings. The crust is a little chewy but tasty.

I got take-out and it was pretty fast and still warm by the time I got home.

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We finally have a vegan cheese that can please both vegans and non-vegans alike: Daiya. Made from cassava root, this cheese actually melts, stretches and looks and tastes like real cheese (and it's soy-, rice-, gluten- and casein-free). ZPizza in Roseville is, as far as I know, the first place in Minnesota to offer it.

I don't remember the last time I was so excited to try a new vegan product. We ordered an extra large "Berkeley Soy Cheese" pizza ($20; note the names of the pizzas haven't yet been changed to reflect Daiya's arrival, but ZPizza no longer offers soy cheese). It came loaded with onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, mushrooms and vegan sausage crumbles; we also asked them to leave off the pesto, which is not vegan.

The pizza was good. Quite good. The vegetables were fresh, the sauce was flavorful, the crush was light and thin (though not as good as Galactic Pizza's crusts) and the Daiya cheese took me back to a world I had forgotten. On a whole, the quality of the pizza here is about equal to that of Galactic or Pizza Luce.

Daiya is an excellent vegan replica of cheese, and much better than any other vegan cheese on the market. It would also be, I suspect, happily consumed by non-vegans, as it has a tangy, authentic taste and texture. It's definitely a signpost in the road: the vegan world is becoming complete and we're turning the corner on cheese.

So, while the Daiya cheese is great, and worth a drive to Roseville, I do have some issues with ZPizza itself: the restaurant at first looks sort of modern and nice, but it seems tackier the longer you stay, and functions more like a dinky mom-and-pop joint, with paper plates, flimsy non-compostable plastic utensils and fountain soda. This is the type of place you'd go to after your kid's tee-ball game. I was expecting something a bit classier, such as actual silverware and table service. This is especially galling, as ZPizza proudly claims, "We use environmentally friendly packaging." With paper plates and plastic forks that go straight into the trash? That's not even greenwashing, that's just outright lying.

However, the prices here are good (cheaper than Pizza Luce or Galactic for the amount of food offered), and the Daiya option alone makes it stand out. I wouldn't want to come here to sit and eat, but I could definitely do take-out.

ZPizza delivers to a five-mile radius, and while that includes Dinkytown and the East Bank, it pretty much skips the rest of Minneapolis, and the trendier areas of St. Paul (south of I-94).

Also, for a limited time, ZPizza offers buy one get one free on large pizzas, but only on Mondays and Tuesdays, which is a pretty remarkable deal.

ZPizza has much room to improve, but I applaud them for making Daiya readily available across the country. Vegans, come here to taste the shape of things to come in the cheese-world.

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