Chadra Mezza

Dallas - Fort Worth, Texas


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One of my favorite Fort Worth eateries. I drive 30+ miles just to get to eat here. Staff is great; food is wonderful. Try the buffet. It has wonderful fresh choices.

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I love this restaurant. The food is excellent, the vegetarian options are very tasty, and the people are cordial and welcoming.

Posted by owner

Our restaurant is more than just "OK". We have a Vegetarian Lunch Buffet every Wednesday with a full salad bar, pizza bar, and over 8 entrees for $8.25. It is all vegetarian with some vegan items. We only have one meat entree and it is always labeled.

90% of our menu is vegetarian or easily modified for vegetarians. Our best dish is the one of a kind Muhumarra, a roasted red bell pepper and walnut dip. No one else makes this very traditional dip.

We also have a scrumptious dish called Eggplant Lasagna. We roll eggplant and stuff it with spinach, ricotta, mushrooms, and top it off with vodka and dill sauce garnished with fresh spinach.

Our falafel is made in house. We do not use premixed falafel. We blend together 2 types of beans, fresh herbs, lots of garlic and spice to create our signature homemade falafel patties. 100% vegan!

Please visit our restaurant and taste our delicious food for yourself. Our food is fresh, homemade, traditional and eclectic. Don't hesitate to ask us questions regarding your specific needs. We love vegetarians/vegans so much we gave you your own buffet.

Christina Elbitar
Owner, Chadra Mezza and Grill

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This place is OK, but not great. Good if you're in the mood for the same ol' falafel and hummus and fries dinner. It's pretty inexpensive, but didn't blow me away. Really I only eat there if I'm sick of everything else in the area. Atmosphere is pretty nice and the service was fine also.

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