The Yabba Pot

Baltimore, Maryland


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I absolutely LOVE THIS PLACE! So upset it has closed. It was my first time experiencing vegan food and I love so many of the dishes there.

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The food was some of the best we'd tried all trip, and we'd been all over the DC area. The ribs, chicken salad, and greens were VERY good! So glad we stopped!!

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I love the Queens Greens and the "Soul ribs". The people who work there are pretty cool and very stylish.
Went to the live jazz night on Sunday and it was a really good crowd.

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The Yabba Pot is a decent vegan dive. For $12 you get brown rice, a protein and 2 other choices. The usual choices are sauteed greens and sauteed veggies.

The only issue I have with this place is the fact that the food is rather greasy. I know oil means flavor but it sure doesn't help your waistline.

The definite plus about the oil is that this makes it a good place to go with a non-vegan friend.

My guest commented, "This food tastes like my grandmothers cooking."

I guess you can't get any better of a recommendation than that!

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The food here is decent but there isn't a large selection. On the day that I went to The Yabba Pot, it seemed like the main menu options were vegan hot dogs, some sort of cabbage dish, collard greens and various vegetable wraps (none of which were particularly exciting). I've been told by many people that the fake chicken is amazing (which wasn't on the menu when I was there). I guess I just picked a bad day to show up.

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Amazing food and a beautiful restaurant, complete with brightly colored tables and walls. The "unchicken" pasta salad is absolutely amazing, as is the citrus BBQ ribs. The rice and cabbage are good when paired with other items, but are pretty plain if you order them alone. The curry spinach is a great veggie option and is really flavorful, and the plantains are very sweet and tasty.

I was especially pleased with this restaurant because they let my friend and me bring our bikes indoors and park them in the back by where we were sitting. You really can't beat indoor bike parking in a vegan restaurant!

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This is an excellent restaurant!! Totally vegan; the food is unique and very well seasoned; the prices are great; and the atmosphere is peaceful and vibrant. I drive 40 mins. to eat here on a regular basis!

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On the plus side, it's all vegan and really tasty. On the minus side, the food's pretty greasy, and it's a little pricey for the type of restaurant it is. Definitely try the "chick-un" (fried cauliflower); it's delicious. You can't go wrong with the veggie burger, either.

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