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London, Ontario


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I LOVE this place. My girlfriend does too. She always gets the "Fish" and chips, but changes up the sides. I usually go with the soup or sandwich of the day, or whatever burger is currently being offered.

Apps like roasted garlic, avocado toast, and tempeh wings are so good, and cheap. I personally love the wings. The sides we've tried were incredible, like the sweet potato corn bread, sweet potato wedges, or coleslaw.

I'm so satisfied by the end of my meal, that I have yet to try their deserts, but they look amazing, and I've heard great things.

My only word of caution is if you are in a hurry, this may not be the place for you. It is a small kitchen, and suffers the same problem as the previous restaurant in this location, that delicious food takes time.

You are looking at about 12-16 dollars a plate, all in, dinner there with my girlfriend is usually around 35 dollars.

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Cute place, great service and even better food! I visit as often as I can, and can not drive down Richmond Row in London without grabbing something for the road! Can not say enough good things about Veg Out. 100% vegan, finally London is progressing.

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Veg Out opened about a year and a half ago, and it seems like they are in London for good. We went for a late lunch on a Tuesday after a holiday weekend, and there were several other customers dining in, getting take-out, and yes... getting food delivered via bicycle.

The atmosphere is kinda hippy dippy, but tidy and clean. I would have sat on their huge outdoor patio, but it was a little too chilly when we visited. Local art is hung inside along with a chalkboard listing all of the ingredients that are currently organic. The servers are a bit hippy dippy as well, but they are friendly and attentive.

We started with the Tempeh Wings. They are battered and fried, and absolutely delicious. For our main dishes we ordered the World Famous Fish and Chips and the Lemon Poppy Seed Grilled Tempeh. The Fish and Chips was one of the best vegan dishes that I have ever had. Everything at Veg Out is made from scratch. The 'fish' patty was tempeh (maybe thrown in a food processor with something else?) wrapped in nori, beer battered, fried, and served with tartar sauce. The Lemon Poppy Seed Grilled Tempeh was not my favorite (lacking some sort of tangy or sweet flavor maybe), but the wild rice and veggies it was served on were incredible. We even took a slice of their chocolate cake to go.

I'm looking forward to stopping here again the next time I am passing through London.

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