Greens Cafe

Orange County, California

Closed as of Jan 1 11

15435 Jeffrey Road
Suite 110
Irvine, CA 92618
(949) 653-1241


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Vegan cafe

Has lots of organic items.

Available for private parties on Sunday mornings.

Added by DD on Mar 25 09 (last updated Apr 8 12)

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Sorry, but the Green Cafe is CLOSED.

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This is one of my new favorite vegan restaurants. It's a good change from the other vegan restaurants in the area. I've been several times in the past two weeks. Although the service is slightly awkward, I can't help but love the people the work there because they are SO SO nice. The food is also very good. For appetizers, I've tried both the Yum Yum Fries and the Crystal Wraps, both very fresh. The Crystal Wraps are so delicious and crunchy and the dipping sauce was tasty. I've also enjoyed the Field Singer Salad, the Moon Wraps, and the BBQ Happy Burger. I would definitely order any of them again. I love this place!

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$ - inexpensive


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11am - 9pm
11:30am - 8pm

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