Paper Moon Diner

Baltimore, Maryland


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Some of the better nights of my teenage years were spent at Papermoon. Although the prices keep going up while the menu seems to have stayed the same, I keep coming back to this place for the ambiance if not for the food. This isn't to say that the food is bad: the tofu wrap (if you order it without cheese) is decent, as are the other handful of veganizable items on the menu. What you're really paying for when you eat here, however, is the hip atmosphere and the fact that it's one of the only places in Baltimore that is open 24 hours. For that reason alone, it's probably worth a visit.

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I love Paper Moon in spite of myself. The whole menu is a bit pricey for what you get, and there really isn't that much vegan stuff here; the veggie burger isn't even vegan. You can get an avocado/sprout sandwich that's pretty good, though, and the breakfast potatoes are great. The atmosphere is cute, and most importantly, it's open 24 hours. (Ever get really hungry after clubbing? This is the *only* place in town to find decent vegan food at 2:00 AM. Don't even try that Korean place; they'll crack an unadvertised egg over your food and refuse to replace your meal when you complain.)

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