Lazy Jane's Cafe and Bakery

Madison, Wisconsin


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Vegan options have increased a bit since the previous reviews. They now have a tofu scramble on the menu, and there was one vegan item in the bakery case. The tofu in the "scramble" isn't actually scrambled, but cubed. For the seitan hash they recommended subbing fried vegetables for the eggs rather than tofu. The food is good, but basic: greasy and relatively unseasoned, similar to the Seward Cafe in Minneapolis. The baked item we got was a delicious lemon cream. Atmosphere is cozy and convivial. Good breakfast option!

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I've enjoyed the seitan hash a few times for breakfast. They always offer to sub some grilled veg. for the eggs. Unfortunately, last time I was there, I ordered the hash "vegan", and the guy asked if it was okay that there is honey in the marinade. I don't know if they recently changed it, but I've always said I was vegan and no one had ever mentioned that to me. I've never been there for lunch, so maybe there are some options there, but besides concocting your own order, the seitan hash is really the only option for breakfast, besides their few vegan scones.

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Lazy Jane's is a cool, two-story house in Madison's hip Williamson Street area. It serves an eclectic crowd and offers American breakfast and lunch standards, from hash to veggie melts. When your order is ready the line cook theatrically yells out your name.

There aren't many vegan options, and they rarely have vegan baked goods, but what they do offer for vegans is pretty tasty.

I had the seitan hash ($6.50) which normally comes with eggs, but they left it off for me. Oddly enough, Lazy Jane's doesn't seem to offer a tofu scramble. How can you have seitan but not tofu?

The dish consists of a HUGE amount of skillet potatoes, roasted red peppers, mini pieces of broccoli, and chunks of seitan. The portion size was easily enough for two very filling meals.

I thought the flavors were great, and the toasted sourdough-rye bread on the side was fresh and delicious (Lazy Jane's has two vegan bread options which they helpfully pointed out to me). In general, I think the dish was good, and of much higher quality than similar brunch-style dishes you'd find at Monty's Blue Plate Diner down the road. That said, Monty's has many more vegan offerings than Lazy Jane's, so what you trade in quality you get back in variety.

I'd return to Lazy Jane's to try their limited vegan lunch options, but I just wish they'd expand their offerings to make them THE place to go for vegan brunch and lunch.

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