Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza

Twin Cities, Minnesota


The last time I tried to eat at Black Sheep, the waitress told me the crust was NOT vegan! I believe it she said it had both egg and dairy in it. If you go, double check with your server!!

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The atmosphere was cozy and the service was friendly and helpful. The pizza crust was unique and nice, and the sauce on the pizza I had was simple and tasty. They have a good selection of vegetable toppings, but nothing special for vegans. And the 12" pizza was a relatively small amount of food for the price. I'd go back if I was in the neighborhood.

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Excellent pizza!

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Black Sheep is a cool little place with a cheese-free pizza that fits the bill for vegans (the #2 "tomato and oregano"). The 6-inch base pizza is $6 and then it's $2 for each additional topping. I got the base pizza with roasted red peppers which came out to about $8.50 with tax.

Compared to a place like Punch Pizza (which is decent, don't get me wrong), Black Sheep offers something truly unique: a cracker-thin crust made to perfection. The crust is precariously thin, measuring only 4 millimeters. Amazingly, it was: a) not crunchy; b) not charcoal-burnt in spots and; c) not chewy or doughy at all.

Each bite required the perfect amount of mandibular force, if I dare to pull out my imaginary MD degree. There's something deeply satisfying about that level of perfection and attention to detail which is something you don't see often at 99% of restaurants.

The sauce and roasted red peppers were also fresh and flavorful.

Be warned that the 6-inch pizza is more like a snack than a meal in terms of portion size. I wish Black Sheep offered a more veggie-loaded version of their pizza for around $7-8; otherwise, it becomes an expensive proposition to keep adding individual toppings.

Also, they don't offer any cool vegan toppings like tofu-cashew cheese (Pizza Luce), phony pepperoni and mock fennel sausage (Galactic Pizza or Pizza Luce). Nor do they offer Daiya vegan cassava cheese (Z Pizza in Roseville).

The service is friendly and prompt. Space is highly limited so make reservations or expect to wait during peak times on peak days.

Come here for the novelty of a superb, crispy-perfect crust and high quality ingredients.

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I went here on Saturday evening and split a 12-inch tomato and oregano pizza with my date. The pizza itself was $6, and we added kalamata olives for an extra $2. I appreciated that this pizza already comes without cheese so I didn't have to bargain with the server for some complicated ingredient swap. I definitely recommend adding at least one topping to this pizza--we received a generous amount of olives on our otherwise very plain pizza, which had a smear of simple tomato sauce and sprinkling of fresh oregano. The crust was exquisitely thin and cracker-like--I don't think I've had anything like it in the twin cities. They had a great selection of beer on tap, including Surly Cynic (edited 6/15/09: unfortunately Surly beer is NOT vegan). They were incredibly busy for 5:30 on a Saturday, and we waited for 45 minutes for our table of two. I noticed that they offer take-out, which may be the way to go when they are extra busy because the atmosphere of the restaurant is not all that interesting. Even with as busy as they were, our pizza arrived quickly, the server was in a great mood, and the owner managed to stop by our table (as well as others) and ask how we enjoyed our meal. This is an incredibly special touch that made up for our otherwise plain pizza. They do offer additional veg toppings, like oyster mushrooms, roasted red peppers, artichokes, etc. However, each additional topping on a 12-inch pizza is $2, regardless of what that topping is ($2 for some garlic on a pizza? come on.).

Bottom line, we had a good time dining here, the owner and staff were friendly, and the pizza was decent. Not exactly veg-oriented, but vegetarians and vegans can find something delicious to eat here if dining out with omnis.

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