A Naestu Grosum

Reykjavik, Iceland


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Not your average mall food, that's for sure! This is a place where you can get a quick bite to eat - you order at the counter, and they dish up your food within minutes. If you order the special, it's immediate. If it's a warm sandwich, it takes a few minutes. Servings are substantial and the price is right (about $10 American, which is very cheap in Iceland - May 2012). And they either label things as vegan vs vegetarian, or the wait staff can tell you. One little note - in Iceland, the translation for chickpeas is "chicken peas" - don't worry, no chicken served at this place! :)

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Unlike the other restaurant on Laugavegur, this cafe seems to have a set menu. All of the dishes are vegetarian, and there are even a few that can be made vegan. Only one of the desserts is vegan (the barley cake), but many of the other desserts are milk-free (they do contain egg whites, however).

Note: A Naestu Grosum is NOT in the food court (like the other restaurants in the Kringlan Mall) so you have to look for it.

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