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Chicago, Illinois

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Veg-friendly Middle-eastern deli

The following description is based on their own description from the Web site:

Vegan items are clearly marked on their menu.

A Wicker Park Arabic•Turkish•Middle Eastern restaurant, deli & store serving falafel, hummus, tebouleh salad, soups, made-to-order deli sandwiches and more. Besides the prepared items, the store has a colorful salad bar, on which standard items are accompanied by more unusual selections: roasted brussel sprouts, golden raisins, fried plantains and vegan salad dressings. Sultan's Market in Chicago also sells typical convenience store items, from Twix bars to toilet paper, but it stocks ingredients for many ethnic dishes as well: packaged pita bread, tahini, olive oil, miso soup mix. They specialize in vegan & vegetarian food & cuisine.

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I'd heard Sultan's has the best falafel in Chicago, and I can't categorically deny that (because I haven't had too much falafel in Chicago), but I can definitely say that the falafel here was okay, but not great. It's definitely not the best falafel I'VE ever had (that title belongs to Mim's Cafe in St. Paul), and there were serious issues with the preparation here that give me pause.

Food aside, the Clark Street branch of Sultan's is extremely small and has space for maybe eight people, all crammed near the entrance. This is a place where you get take-out.

Conveniently, all vegan items are clearly marked on the wall menu. I had a falafel sandwich ($4.14 with tax) which is hastily slapped together from already-prepared ingredients, much like a Subway sandwich or a Chipotle burrito. My biggest gripe was with the temperature of the food---the falafel pieces were lukewarm, the pita was room temperature and the tahini-cucumber sauce was cold, creating a passable, but inelegant whole. At the very least, the falafel needs to be hot, and the rest can be at room temperature, but if you have any cold items in the mix, the sandwich gets all messed up.

I did like the portion size, which was big enough for a meal, but also quick and cheap. This is the ideal snack or light dinner food. I also liked the hot peppers tossed in, which added a significant level of spice (albeit one that wasn't evenly distributed, because everything was slapped together, rather than mixed properly).

Next time I'll try the original Sultan's to see if there's any difference in quality. On a whole, I give this place three stars because it's quick and cheap, but the food has room for improvement, and I have to believe there's better falafel somewhere else in Chicago. If not, then it's pretty pathetic if Sultan's is the best Chicago can do.

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