The Matchbox Coffee Shop

Twin Cities, Minnesota


rating star

i really enjoyed this place's dark roast and the fact that they offered vegan goods to eat-though not made by them, it is really nice to know that i have a coffee shop right down the road that offers good organic coffee and vegan snacks.
the one thing i wish this place had was later hours. i'm fairly certain they're only open until 6 or 7pm at the latest. it would be really great if they were open late night so i could come at night, get a cup of coffee and do my homework.

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rating star

I liked the chai here, especially because it is home-made and not some awful over-the-counter stuff that comes out of a Tetra-pak (I'm talking about you, Oregon Chai).

I also appreciate that they have ABC vegan cookies, though I wish they would make their own instead.

The space itself is really small, but it's in a quaint, quiet neighborhood with galleries and other art-shop places. It's a great place to bike to, or to get a cup of tea at, after a day of wandering the galleries and antique furniture stores.

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