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I really like the atmosphere at this location. The restaurant is right on the corner and there are a lot of windows with natural light coming in so it's nice to look outside while dining. I dined with a few friends and they all enjoyed their food a lot more than I did, which was also the case when I dined at Souen in the Village so I think that their food just isn't my style. The food is fresh and well prepared, it just isn't flavorful enough for me. Don't get me wrong, I like healthy food, but I like my food to be more heavily seasoned, be it with garlic, ginger, onions, hot peppers, etc.

I ordered the lunch special, which came with a veggie sushi roll (which was good) and two sides. For some reason, I chose the steamed udon, which was plain noodles (no dressing or sauce) and the fried tofu (good fried batter but then nothing to dip it in!). Very boring choice. I should have gotten veggies or something. I asked for some hot sauce so I could spice things up a little and found that they charge $1 for chili paste. Seriously? I understand charging for a special homemade dressing, but charging $1 for a couple teaspoons of store-bought chili paste to go on my SUPER plain noodles just rubbed me the wrong way.

My waitress was nice and I think the restaurant is beautiful, but I am not sure I would come back. Or if I do, I would get the soup or noodle dishes that seem like they would have more flavor.

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