Scotch Corner Pub

Boulder, Colorado


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I wish I could give as good a rating as the other person who reviewed the Corner Pub! Hopefully I was there on an "off" night, but I was unimpressed to say the least. I was so excited to see the menu on VegGuide, but the actual dining experience failed to deliver.

The drinks we ordered were flat, the gas wasn't working at the bar. That would have been fine, things like that happen, but it took a long time to get the first drinks and quite a bit more time to get the replacements, and no water was brought out in the meantime. Our order of "chips" with curry sauce came out before any beverages!

Then, when our meals arrived. . . they were cold, and one order had not been prepared vegan though we ordered it vegan. The flavors were very good in everything, the vegan bangers in particular were amazingly tasty. My cottage pie was similarly flavorful, but the coldness of the entrees was not to be denied. I felt like everyone's food had been prepared earlier in the day, which is crappy when you consider the price. Four people had drinks and dinner for around 100 dollars, and for cold food and poor service this was quite steep.

I would have understood the service problem/cold food/slow timing more if the place had been jumping, but we were some of the only people there. I do not think I will go back, which is sad!

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"Shocking" was what first came to mind when we sat down at a Scottish pub and were told it not only had vegetarian entrees and appetizers, but vegan! We had to meet the owner - it turns out the Scot native is vegan, too, which explains the separate vegan kitchen. Excellent food, too.

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