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Towards the end of the menu at Ethiopian Diamond, there is a whole page of vegetarian selections. They are all vegan! One can choose any of these entrees, a combination, or a "Taste of Ethiopia" for one or two people. To start, I love to get the veggie combo sambusa. If you've never had sambusa, they are basically like a flat, triangular samosa. The veggie combo includes the lentil, spinach, and the potato and carrot sambusa's.

For entree's, I usually go with a friend and get two orders of the veggie combo. It is cheaper than getting the "Taste of Ethiopia" for two people. We get six of the seven options to choose from on the combo. The options we usually get are the yemisir watt (spicy red lentils), kik alicha (split peas in sauce), gomen (collard greens), tikel gomen (cabbage and carrots), yatkilt watt (string beans, carrots, and potatoes in sauce), and dinich alicha (potatoes and carrots in sauce). The seventh option is quosta (spinach). This whole dinner comes on a large platter a top of injera bread with a salad in the middle. I love the salad dressing at Ethiopian Diamond! They also bring extra bread to eat the dishes. My favorite is the gomen. I really love greens, though. My friend's favorite is the yemisir watt, but he loves spicy foods.

There is also a special dish on the vegetarian menu which I have never tried. It is the shimbra assa. It is chick pea dough that is formed to look like fish watt (stew). There is also the tofu tibs which is grilled tofu with vegetables in a sauce. I'm usually way too full for dessert, but I believe all the desserts have honey in them.

On Friday's and Saturdays, there is usually a live band playing Ethiopian music at the Broadway location. There is another location on Clark St. near the Howard Red Line stop (Ethiopian Diamond II).

I give Ethiopian Diamond a 4.5/5 stars. They loose half a star because it can be really busy sometimes and the wait staff suffers in service. If you get the chance to try Ethiopian food, I strongly recommend it! It is one of my favorite types of food, for sure.

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I love the Diamond! I get the veggie combo platter every time. They also have very good ethiopian coffee (it's like turkish coffee...strong!). Their entire "vegetarian" section is actually 100% vegan.

Street parking out front is pretty easy to find. I never have to park more than a block or two away.

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I eat at Ethiopian Diamond about once a week. I love this food. I never get sick of it. My favorites are the red lentils, mild split peas, collard greens, spinach, shim brassa, and cabbage and carrots. Everything on the vegetarian menu is vegan, and it's all delicious. The vegetarian combo is the best deal, but they exclude some of the pricier items from your choice. The staff and owner are extremely friendly and attentive.

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I was so happy to find some good Ethiopian food in Chicago. I was not impressed with the ones near Wrigley Field, but this one is great, as a a couple of others in the area. The veggie combo (six entrees) is excellent, particularly the Shimbra Assa (Chick Pea Fish stew.) The entrees that are supposed to be spicy actually are, and are quite flavorful. The injera is good. Highly recommended.

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