Chatterbox Pub

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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I have never been so violated in my life. I've been coming to Chatterbox under the impression that their DeSabroso wrap, sans sour cream and cheese, was vegan. At least four employees have told me this directly to my face. And I find out tonight that it's not vegan -- their black beans use sour cream, somehow -- sour cream is in a purportedly vegan item. WHAT?!

I'm offended, disgusted and never coming back.

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The Chatterbox is fun and cozy. I'm from Saint Paul, but I enjoy biking out of my way to go to the Chatterbox on a weeknight out. It's close to the light rail, when energy or weather don't permit the bike ride.

Food: I've only had french fries and a veggie wrap on separate occasions, both of which I can recommend. Dipping sauces for the fries come in a variety of flavors.

Beer: The Chatterbox Lager is on the bland side. However, they have Young's Double Chocolate Stout on tap, which is rare (but unfortunately not vegan), as well as the much more common Summit Ale. They also brew have a home-brewed Chit-Chit Ale, which I haven't tried.

Play a board game and relax... or maybe you'll do karaoke on a Monday night? Have fun... and be sure to invite me along! ;-)

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i like the way it looks inside, it is comfortable. sometimes they have open mic nights that are annoying but all the board games make it a nice place to go have a beer and food late at night with some close chums. they also brew their own beer that you can drink which i think is really cool of them.

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I got sick as hell eating here last month. Stay away from the 'white' sauces they serve with their french fries. But they got rock 'em sock 'em robots which are great. A good place to bring your kids. They can entertain themselves whilst you eat your bloody mary salad.

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