Triple Rock Social Club

Twin Cities, Minnesota

Closed as of Nov 21 17

629 Cedar Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55454


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Punk bar with vegan food

Restaurant, Bar

The Triple Rock (named after the church in the film The Blues Brothers) is a punk bar that serves drinks and food. The menu clearly labels items which can be made vegetarian or vegan.

Check out their website for a list of upcoming shows. Tuesday nights can get extremely crowded, because of their 2-for-1 drink specials.

They also offer vegan brunch on the weekends.

Added by Dave Rolsky on Oct 31 02 (last updated Nov 30 17)

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Triple Rock is a great place for a shows and has some flavorful faux nacho cheese. I'm always a bit concerned about the presence of so much pig flesh, but Triple Rock knocks out some solid vegan food.

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One of the better vegan places in Minneapolis, and that's saying a lot.

Most of the menu is bar food, but there are some breaks from greasy food. There's a couple salads, an excellent meatloaf (which isn't exactly healthy, but it isn't greasy) and there's an option you can ask for -- "The Cook's Revenge" (which may or may not be greasy depending on the day...and it appears to change based on what the rest of your party orders).

The cook's revenge is a dish where they make whatever the hell they want for you and is often quite good, but sometimes it sucks and lacks originality (I once got a sliced up hot dog with mustard between two slices of cheese). It's a roll of the dice situation (that's pretty much how they put it on the menu), but 90% of the time it's awesome and it's always something not otherwise available on the menu (sometimes it even has ingredients you can't find in any other food on the menu).

The staff lets you be as picky as you desire and make all the special requests you want. They are extremely knowledgable as to what vegan is. I've never gotten anything that wasn't vegan by mistake and I've probably been here 100+ times.

The serving sizes have gotten smaller, the prices have gone up a bit and the cooking isn't always 5 stars, but it's usually close.

They've recently nixed a couple really good vegan items from their menu (chili cheese dog being one of them), but added a couple pretty good replacements.

Long story short, the serving sizes are still huge, the prices are still cheap (expect to get a couple meals or gorge yourself on a single meal) and it's one of the most vegan friendly establishments I've ever been to.

I'd highly suggest trying anything with the vegan queso in it. It's better than any I've ever had.

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