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Chicago, Illinois


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Delicious Cafe is a small, simple and pleasant coffee shop with light food offerings. It's nice that the selections are almost entirely vegan, but the menu is quite limited. There's a good selection of teas and vegan bakery items. The meal options were just a few bagels sandwiches, which are fine but nothing too exciting.

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Update: I have to downgrade Delicious Cafe. While I still think it's a cool coffee shop with a nice vibe, I find the food here to be extremely overpriced. Their vegan breakfast sandwiches are, without question, the best I've had (it should be noted that vegan breakfast sandwiches are generally hard to find, as well), but they cost nearly $5 for basically six or seven bites of english muffin, mock sausage and some nut cheese. The sandwiches are so tiny as to not comprise any type of value. These things shouldn't be more than $3.

Original review (September 2009): What a wonderful, cozy little cafe. I came here for breakfast and didn't realize that it was an all vegetarian (99% vegan) joint. I had a breakfast sandwich ($4.25) which consisted of sausage, tofu "egg" and colby nut cheese between two English muffins. It was definitely tasty, though just a tad too salty. Also, the sandwich was extremely small and seemed expensive for that price.

The cafe also has a variety of different sandwich options (including a build-your-own) and four or five nut-based cheeses with different flavors (colby, pepperjack, etc.).

Lastly, Delicious Cafe has a good selection of loose-leaf teas. On a whole, this place is a winner for its atmosphere, charm, and unusual, fresh ingredients and flavors.

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I went there with two friends and had a sandwich that was something like a vegan version of an egg mcmuffin. It was a bit pricey for a pretty small serving, but it tasted good. The atmosphere is very charming, and we sat outside on the back patio for a while. I'd go back.

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