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The vegan nachos are great - and can easily be a meal. The vegan philly cheesesteak sandwich is also really good.

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This place has good vegan brunch on the weekends. I had the mango pancakes and tempeh bacon. The pancakes were more like crepes than pancakes, but they were very tasty. The "bacon" was awesome, but you only get 3 little slices for $3 or something - a little spendy. The atmosphere is gothic, which is kind of weird for a Saturday morning, but it's a nice little place overall. I'll definitely go back on my next trip to DC.

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I kind of liked the atmosphere in here---dark, velvety and goth---but didn't get a chance to try the food as they stop serving food at 11 p.m. or something like that. Make sure to get there early if you want to eat.

The service was slow. We sat at a booth and waited a while to get our order placed and then to actually receive our drinks. It wasn't too loud when I was there, but maybe it was an off night. There didn't seem to be many people in the joint so maybe it gets crowded and loud on weekend nights.

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I thought this place was horrible. Everybody I know has been talking it up but the food was way below average. I went during the day and it was pretty empty--which I enjoyed--but our waiter barely seemed to make it to our table, even though there were few other customers.

I ordered the "Mexican pizza" which ended up being a pita bread with what tasted like canned chili and a little bit of cheese. Boring. I also had the quesadilla, which wasn't particularly impressive. The waiter recommended the veggie chicken nuggets but they were all out. Again, the food was boring, but at least it was cheap. It's worth a shot if you're hungry and just want cheap vegan food.

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The music is a little loud, which is to be expected for a bar, but if you're there for some after-work happy hour food and drinks, it can be a burden on conversation.

I had the Mexican pizza, which wasn't bad, and the chili cheese fries, which were good but needed more chili and cheese. I also tried the tacos, since they were cheap for happy hour. I was expecting some fake meat or at least some beans or something - all I could taste in them was lettuce and tomatoes.

All and all, worth at least a try.

Although the bar is open until 2AM or later, they stop serving food at 9:30.

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