Willimantic Food Co-op

Willimantic, Connecticut


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Willimantic Foods Coop is a blessing. It offers the best OG produce in CT, and every day, not just on delivery days. Plus, it is open on weekdays until 8pm. And for 30 years, the store had remained vegetarian, meaning that it carried dead animals only in some of the dog and cat food, while most of the rest of the dog and cat food is made with eggs or milk instead of meat or fish. But it's the food intended for human consumption that should bring you here, and will keep you returning here. In 2005, the membership voted on a carnivore initiative to allow the coop to sell meat, and meat was overwhelmingly defeated. Yet in June 2010, a cabal of carnivores won another vote. This second time, meat was voted into office by way of a pre-order buying club that slipped in through the coop’s backdoor by perpetuating the myth of so-called “humane meat.” Their premise was that its suppliers will treat their deadstock better than does industrial agribusiness. Maybe better, but how much better, and by whose standards? The vote was ushered in with no mechanisms for oversight except by the farmers’ own avowals. Hogwash and bull. The “meat locker” supposedly will be sequestered in the back of the store, where gentle vegetarians won’t see it, and so won’t be affronted by its presence, and thereby won’t be reminded of Willi Food Coop’s tragic fall from innocence.

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