L.A. Burrito

Brooklyn, New York City
67 Wilson
Brooklyn, NY 11237


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veg-friendly California-style Mexican restaurant

L.A. Burrito is a new Mexican restaurant in Bushwick that differs greatly from other Mexican restaurants in the neighborhood. Not only do they offer "California-style" options like whole wheat tortillas and brown rice, but they also offer soy cheese and tofu sour cream, which they make themselves from tofu, soy milk, and oil.

Vegan menu options include burritos, tacos, and salads, since you can get grilled veggies, beans, and soy cheese/sour cream on pretty much everything. There are also tons of already-vegan options, including the Garden Veggie burrito (mixed veggies, brown rice, soy cheese, tofu sour cream, pinto beans, on a wheat tortilla) and the spinach burrito, which has steamed spinach and mushrooms with brown rice and pinto beans in a spinach tortilla.

Both the regular pinto beans AND the refried beans are vegan (they only use oil). However, ONLY the brown rice is vegan, as the Mexican rice has chicken broth in it. All menu items have thorough descriptions so it's pretty easy to see which items are vegan, however, watch out for the "chili veggie burrito", which can fool you because it has vegetarian chili, but contains (non-vegetarian) Mexican rice. Ask to sub brown rice if you want to make it veg.

The dining room has about 6 tables and is clean and brightly decorated. Free delivery for orders over $9.

*NOTE: this place is cash only.*

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I've been living in this neighborhood - which is predominantly Dominican and Mexican - for four years, and this is the first time I've ever had vegan Mexican(ish) food near my house. I was SO excited to see this place go up and see soy cheese and tofu sour cream prominently featured on the menu.

I had the garden veggie burrito, which had grilled veggies, brown rice, pinto beans, pico de gallo, and tofu sour cream. It was supposed to have soy cheese, but I didn't get it since they didn't have the packaging so I couldn't confirm there was no casein or whey in it. They told me to come by the next day and they'd give me the package to check. The burrito was pretty good, but sorta healthier than what I was looking for, which is my fault for ordering brown rice and grilled veggies when I was in the mood for soy cheese and guacamole.

The staff was super friendly and very happy to tell me about the veg options. They also told me that only white people have been ordering the veg options, which is not surprising, but I still found funny. They said the owners are Mexican, which made me really happy, since it seems the only places in the neighborhood that have veg stuff are owned by Southeast Asians. I ended up speaking with them in Spanish since they didn't understand why I was asking to see the packaging but their English was certainly good enough to ensure you get tofu sour cream and soy cheese.

Please support this place! :)

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L train to Morgan ave


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