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I like it here. Most of the menu items are awesome, and there is always a new special to try. They have great beverages too - indian style chai like from an indian restaurant, ginger lemonade, ridiculously great orangeade with an abundance of fresh flavors, etc. For the price and the pleasant service, this totally healthy restaurant is always a sure bet.

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Breakfast: The tofu scramble oddly had a crunch to it-- almost like "eggshells" but I couldn't place what it could be... otherwise the tofu scramble had NO flavor. I know this place is new but with a menu sooo small & limited I hope they soon doctor-up the tofu scramble.
Lunch: I had the Chili con Veggie (the day's lunch special) and that was flavorful and I enjoyed the use of yams in my Chili. Also I had a Tomato Salad---pretty basic, yes-- but I appreciate the use of locally grown veggies.

So overall-- I would suggest going for a lunch & trying the Specials and getting your food-to-go (only about 5 tables inside-- very confined space).

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