Brewed Awakenings

Appleton, Wisconsin

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Coffee shop with some vegan options

Restaurant, Coffee/Tea/Juice

Features a mushroom or vegetable wrap or sandwich with made from-scratch breads.

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Not a lot of vegan options but a lot could be made vegan. I had the artichoke panini without the mayo and cheese. So it had artichoke, spinach and tomato on it and the bread was a good hearty whole grain which was nice. Panini's come with potato chips and a pickle and they do soy... the latte was good too.

Not a dinner place more like a quick lunch spot. Friendly staff, clean and trendy decor. Lots of seating and live music in the evenings.

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$ - inexpensive


  • American


  • Brunch
  • Live Music



7am - 8pm
7am - 10pm
7am - 8pm
8am - 5pm

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