Tasty Harmony

Fort Collins, Colorado

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Vegetarian, organic food

Features an eclectic array of vegetarian and vegan foods from jackfruit tacos to mash potatoes and grilled seitan. Also serves raw foods.

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I just watched Ratatouille the other day, and (spoilers) you know that part where Anton Ego takes his first bite of the ratatouille and its simple perfection and magnificence transport him back to fond memories of his childhood, completely changing his character from a stuffy old snob into one of childlike wonder and delight? That's what eating at this place was like.

The waitress recommended the pulled bbq jackfruit sandwich with mashed potatoes and gravy as a side. I was skeptical at first, but my fears were misplaced. It was an absolute masterpiece. I do not have the vocabulary to adequately describe how I felt eating this meal, no more so than I can describe the feeling of awe and fascination when gazing upon the splendor and size of the endless expanse of space that appears before us each night, stretching beyond our earthly confines in every direction. In life, rarely does the cosmos produce such moments of sublime beauty that they cannot be properly articulated, only seen, tasted, heard, and understood. Against steep odds the forces of nature produced life on Earth from utter chaos, and the universe has replicated an equally beautiful moment in time by producing Tasty Harmony. This restaurant is to vegan food what Freddie Mercury was to singing - an example of raw, unstoppable, mind shattering awesomeness so far beyond average that it deserves a permanent place atop Mount Olympus enjoying immortality with the gods.

Sadly, like all of us mere mortals someday this restaurant, like the ancient gardens of Babylon, like the great colossus at Rhodes, like the Lighthouse of Alexandria, will be consumed by the relentless drumbeat of entropy, the quiet doom that destroys all of humanity's greatest creations and returns them to the mediocrity and disorder from whence they came, their true beauty and grandeur lost forever to the sands of time, unnapreciated by future generations, leaving our hubris and pride crumbled in a heap of lowly ruins on the ground. But for one fleeting moment of history you have the chance to experience it for yourself. You can and you must. We mortals do not have many chances to sneak a taste of the food meant for the gods themselves! Go, now! Flee your pointless, repetitive existence, head to Colorado and enjoy something truly special before you miss your chance and your life is swallowed into oblivion by eternity.

Also, their raw key lime pie was really freaking good. Did I mention everything on their menu was vegan? Seriously though, this place rocks!

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Tasty Harmony serves some of the best vegan food I have eaten anywhere in the country. I simply cannot rate them highly enough!

The atmosphere is relaxing and cozy, the prices are very reasonable, and I love the focus on local and organic ingredients.

Everything I have ever ordered has been just ridiculously good. I especially recommend the reuben sandwich (marinated tempeh, homemade sauerkraut, cashew cheese and Russian dressing on toasted unleavened rye bread.) The first time I ordered one I was so blown away that I felt compelled to order another one to go.

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  • American
  • Mexican
  • Raw Food
  • Eclectic (Varied)


  • (Mostly) Organic
  • Kid-Friendly
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11am - 9pm
11am - 10pm
noon - 7pm

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